Types of contraception

There are lots of types of contraception to choose from and different things will suit different people.

All contraception is free on the NHS in the UK. If you're not sure which type of contraception you want to use, it's a good idea to talk it through with someone you trust. You can pick up free contraception and get confidential advice on which method might be right for you from:

  • A Brook service (if you are under 25)
  • Another young people's service
  • A family planning clinic
  • Your GP
  • Another GP (if you don't want to go to your GP)

Click here to find your nearest service or you can get in touch with Ask Brook. Ask Brook is confidential. That means we won't tell anyone you contacted us unless we think you're in really serious danger.

All the different types of contraception are listed in the box below. Click on the name for more information.

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