Finding the right service for you

In this section, you can search for the nearest service to you that will provide you with the sexual health support and advice you need. Before searching, you might also want to have a think about the kind of service you want to go to, and the kind of advice you need.

There are a number of different places you can go for sexual health help, support, advice, testing and treatment. If you are in an emergency situation (like you need emergency contraception), you may choose to go to a different service than if you are thinking about your future contraceptive needs and would like to talk it through with someone.

Our guide below tells you a little bit about what you can find at different services so that you can make up your mind. When you know what kind of help you need, you can find your nearest service here. If you're not sure what kind of service you need, contact Ask Brook on 0808 802 1234 and they will help you find the right place. Your call will be confidential. That means we won't tell anyone about it.

Brook Centres

Brook centres are only for young people aged under 25. They provide a whole range of sexual health services including contraceptive advice and provision, STI testing (though not all centres have the full range, you should call ahead to check), pregnancy testing, emergency contraception and counselling. You may not have a Brook centres in your area, in which case, you should search for another young people's service.

Other young people's services

Lots of places that don't have Brook centres still have really good quality services especially for young people. You will need to call ahead to check exactly what sexual health services are available, but these are the places to go if you want to be seen by a service that is 'young-people friendly'.

Family planning clinics

Family planning clinics are centres where anyone of any age can get free contraception and emergency contraception, can have a pregnancy test and get pregnancy advice. Some family planning clinics have other specialist services too (like counselling) but you should call first to check. You may need to make an appointment at a family planning clinic, though some do have 'drop in' services.

GUM clinics (also called Sexual Health Clinics)

GUM clinics, or sexual health clinics provide advice, support, treatment and testing for sexually transmitted infections. GUM stands for Genito-urinary medicine. These clinics are for all people of all ages and are usually part of your local hospital or another large clinic. You may need to make an appointment at a GUM clinic, though some to have 'drop in' services.


Your GP can give you advice and information on contraception, emergency contraception and STIs but if you want more detailed or specialist advice, they may suggest that you go to a different service (like a Brook or a GUM clinic).



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