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When it comes to your sexual health, whether you're a boy, a girl, a man or a woman, it's best to know all about your body.

Knowing more about your body will help you have better, healthier sex. It will also help you to understand if there's something wrong and help you with finding out what to do if you have worries about your body.

This part of the site is split into three sections - Everybody, girls' bodies and boys' bodies. The Everybody section looks at some things about our bodies which are common to everyone, like our body image and how we feel about our bodies.

Although we also provide separate sections of the site for boys and girls to find out more about their bodies, that doesn't mean they're off limits to the opposite sex! You might find it really interesting and useful to find out what's happening to other people too, so why not spend some time just looking around.

If you have any questions about your body, or you're worried about something, you can get in touch with Ask Brook. Ask Brook is confidential. That means we won't tell anyone you contacted us unless we think you're in really serious danger.

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