Everybody has questions and concerns about their body. And if your body is going through changes, it can be even more confusing. But it's normal to feel like this.

If you're a young person, you might be anxious about puberty - perhaps all your friends have changed and you haven't. Or perhaps you got there first. Are you disgusted by the hair under your armpits or can you not wait to tell everyone that you've got boobs?

And as you get older, you may well continue to worry about your body, and feel self conscious about it. But you may also find that you understand it a little better and become more comfortable with it.

And if you're having sex, you'll also be finding about another person's body and someone else will be finding out about yours.

There is only so much you can find out online. Brook can give you lots of answers to your questions, but you shouldn't be afraid to discover more about your body by looking and touching.

Look around the site for answers to your questions and, if you can't find the right thing, you can get in touch with Ask Brook. Ask Brook is confidential. That means we won't tell anyone you contacted us unless we think you're in really serious danger.

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