What if I am pregnant?

Everyone has different reactions to finding out they're pregnant. Some people will be delighted, others will feel shocked. Everybody will need some time to think and some information about what to do next.

When a woman finds out that she's pregnant she has three main options:

  • to continue with the pregnancy
  • to have an abortion
  • to have the baby adopted.

Choosing whether or not to continue with a pregnancy is a really big decision and some people find it helpful to talk things through with a counsellor.

You can speak to a counsellor at a Brook service or at some family planning centres or young person's services. Click here to find your nearest service. A counsellor can listen to how you're feeling, answer any questions you might have and give you lots of information and support to help you make a decision that feels right for you. All these services will be completely confidential, so no one will be told about your visit unless you say it's OK.

The most important thing is to talk to someone as soon as possible. If you talk to us, we'll help you to come to a decision that's right for you without judging you and we won't tell anyone what you tell us. Click here to find your nearest Brook service or you can get in touch with Ask Brook. Ask Brook is confidential. That means we won't tell anyone you contacted us unless we think you're in really serious danger.

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