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Outreach and educational services for County Durham

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In County Durham, Brook has been commissioned to provide outreach sexual health services to young people with additional needs aged 16+ across the region. This includes relationships and sex education (RSE) health promotion activities, training and support for professionals and parents.

Find out about the programmes offered below, or get in touch to talk to a member of the Brook team.

Sessions for schools

One-to-one education sessions for young people with additional needs

Tailored to meet the specific needs of each young person, the programme can explore key topics with vulnerable young people and promote skills to develop positive outcomes in relation to sexual health and relationships.

The programme will enable young people to explore puberty, anatomy, healthy relationships, boundaries, sexual health topics, decision making around sex and relationships, pornography, online safety, sexuality and gender if required as well as receive one-to-one education around condom use, contraception and STI’s. We can also explore pregnancy and parenting choices and support an increased self-esteem and raise aspirations and build emotional resilience.

RSE programmes

Brook County Durham delivers a range of RSE programmes as part of an outreach and educational offer to colleges, other educational providers, supported housing and youth services/groups.

RSE sessions can have the following format:

  • General education and health promotion at health/wellbeing events
  • Assemblies
  • One-off education sessions
  • Education Programmes/Groups work

All RSE can be tailored to the specific needs of the young person, college or education provider and can range from a one-off assembly through to a programme of RSE. 

Professionals training

In County Durham, Brook offers a range of professional training to other professionals and organisations including Introduction to Sexual Health services, Sex and the Law, Gender and Sexuality, Porn and Online Pressure, and Traffic Light Tool training.

Support for parents

Working in collaboration with parents is instrumental in young people with SEND accessing holistic and ongoing support. A range of provision for parents will be offered in the forms of one-to-one sessions, group sessions and online delivery. These sessions will support parents to develop knowledge and skills to address aspects of Sexual Health and Relationships with confidence and improve their understanding of the choices, challenges and pressures young people may be facing as they grow more independent.

Brook also offers a number of paid training courses for professionals working with young people.

Get in touch

If you would like Brook to deliver education sessions, one-to-one sessions, parental support or one of our RSE professional training packages please contact Joanne for more information at


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