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Penises and testicles – do I need to see a doctor?

If you notice any changes, or anything unusual about your penis, testicles or anus, you should see your GP. This could include unusual discharge, tenderness or any lumps and bumps you are worried about. They can be signs of infection, such as thrush, cystitis, urethritis and proctitis, which are important to get treated.

See our page on foreskins for information about how a healthy foreskin should function, and advice on how to tell if something isn’t right. 

See our page on penises and testicles for information on how to check for lumps and bumps on your genitals.

If you need to see a doctor about your genitals, remember that they will have seen lots of penises and testicles, and they won’t be judging you. During the appointment, they will probably ask to look at the area you are concerned about, and may ask to touch it. They won’t take any longer than is necessary, and it will be a calm and professional environment. 

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