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safeguarding young people training

Safeguarding is taking an action to promote the welfare of children, young people and adults at risk, and protect them from harm.

Safeguarding training shouldn’t be a one-off. It doesn’t need to be boring or long but it does need to support you in your everyday working practices. Brook’s tools and online courses prepare you to be proactive at identifying safeguarding concerns, to use your professional curiosity and confidently manage situations to safeguard a young person.

Take a look below to learn about how Brook can help you safeguard young people.

Tools you can use every day

Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool & Training

A guide to identify, understand and respond to sexual behaviours in children and young people.
Brook is the only UK organisation who can give access to the Traffic Light Tool. We’ve been using and updating the Tool for over 10 years and have trained thousands of people with over 95% approval rates.

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Free Spotting the Signs of CSE Tool

A tool to enable professionals working with young people to better recognise and respond to Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) 

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Online courses to do in your own time

Managing a Disclosure of sexual harassment, assault or abuse

Managing a disclosure of sexual harassment, assault or abuse may be the most challenging conversation you have as a teacher. You can be prepared and confident with this free course.

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Child Sexual Exploitation online course

This course is designed to support clinical and non-clinical healthcare staff in identifying victims of CSE.

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Introduction to Safeguarding online training

This course is CPD certified

This entry-level course is produced by our Safeguarding experts offers a comprehensive foundation in safeguarding adults and/or children

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Safeguarding Conference

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  • Safeguarding in the age of AI
  • Safeguarding in a mental health crisis
  • How RSHE safeguards our children


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