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Strategic plan 2023-26

Developed in collaboration with staff, supporters and those who use our services, our strategy charts an ambitious path with a loud, brave vision.

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While we remain committed to fighting for the rights of young people, we are proud to design new services that respond to the lived experience of our service users and extend our reach to wider communities. We will work harder than ever to fight stigma and evidence its harm, building a society that welcomes everyone and trusts people to make decisions about their health, their bodies and their identities.”

Helen Marshall
Chief Executive

Dame Sally Dicketts

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Our vision

Everyone is supported to live healthy lives, free from inequality and strengthened by fulfilling relationships

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Our mission

Excellent sexual health, mental health and wellbeing is a right

Brook exists to fight for that right and we demand better, especially for young people. We challenge stigma, amplify voices and provide lifelong support that meets the diverse needs of our communities.

Our values

at the heart of everything we do

Underpinning this exciting strategy is our firm and unwavering commitment to be courageous and inclusive, collaborative and trustworthy.

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People turn to Brook when they need help, trusting in our confidential, non-judgmental support to keep them safe. Robust research, data and evidence underpins all our work, making Brook a trusted partner and an authoritative source of information and advice.


Our service users are at the heart of our decisions. We listen to their needs, champion their rights and work with them to effect real change. We value and prioritise collaboration, sharing and growing our expertise to achieve the best possible outcomes for our communities.


We are committed to tackling prejudice wherever we find it, challenging harmful attitudes and behaviours. We celebrate diversity, champion equality, and provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone who needs us.


Brook is fearless when fighting for change. We stand up for what we believe and we demand to be heard. We relentlessly push the boundaries and are bold in our ambition to pioneer innovative services that meet ever-changing needs.

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passionate about fighting for change

Brook is always listening, always responding and always adapting. We have never felt more passionate about fighting for change.

Our strategy

A deeper look into how we’ll deliver our strategy

Challenging inequality

Brook is committed to challenging the systemic causes of health inequalities.

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Increasing accessibility

Reductions in public funding have led to a critical shortfall in place-based support, particularly for young people.

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Fighting stigma

Brook knows that stigma is a major contributing factor to health inequality, particularly when it comes to sexual health and mental health.

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Driving innovation

When Helen Brook founded Brook in 1964, her innovative commitment to the sexual health needs of unmarried women faced a maelstrom of public controversy.

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