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Brook’s Big RSE Lessons

Brook’s RSE Live Lessons are free, hour-long interactive live-stream broadcasts about different RSE topics.

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Our next Big RSE lesson, Are you feeling it? is coming on Wednesday 11th September 2024 10am-11am.

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Free | 60-minute lesson | Year 6 & 7

Brook and Lil-Lets believe all young people should learn about periods and puberty in a timely and age-appropriate way so that they are prepared for the changes they will experience to their bodies, feelings and lives.   

The broadcast is free to watch on demand and is aimed at all young people in year 6 and 7 in England and Wales.  

Led by Brook experts, this lesson will support your students to:  

  • Understand puberty and the changes that happen to their bodies  
  • Correctly name the reproductive organs  
  • Understand key facts about periods, period pains and heavy menstrual bleeding  
  • Learn about different period products and how to manage menstrual cycles  
  • Understand how periods and hormones can affect mental health  
  • Know where to go for support  

*Please note, we will be referencing reproduction in this less

Watch the Big Period Lesson 2 on demand

Previous Live lessons

Brook’s RSE Live Lessons are free, hour-long interactive live-stream broadcasts about different RSE topics. The lessons take place on the LearnLive platform but are also available to watch on demand – watch them with your class, or watch to improve your own knowledge and confidence in delivering RSE.

Playing It Safe: The Big RSE Lesson

In celebration of Brook’s 2023 Sexual Health Week: Playing it Safe, our Big RSE Lesson empowered young people to understand and challenge gender stereotypes.  

This live lesson on Understanding and Challenging Gender Stereotypes is aimed at students in Year 9 and above. Topics covered include:

  • Gender stereotypes
  • Real-world impacts of misogyny
  • Types of online gender-based abuse
Watch The Big RSE Lesson

The Big Period Lesson

To celebrate the fourth year of our partnership with Lil-Lets, we delivered the Big Period Lesson Live. More than 57,600 people tuned in to the live broadcast, making it our biggest Live Lesson yet!

This live lesson aimed at Years 6 and 7 helps make sure young people learn about puberty in a timely and age-appropriate way.

  • Puberty and body changes
  • Name of reproductive organs
  • Menstrual cycle and periods
Watch The Big Period Lesson

Breaking Barriers: Big RSE Lesson

To celebrate the 2022 Sexual Health Week theme of Breaking Barriers, our big RSE lesson, aimed at Year 9 and above, focuses on how to ask for help and where to go for support related to all parts of life including sexual health and wellbeing.

  • Recognise it can be difficult to talk about some topics
  • Strategies for talking about challenging topics
  • Support services and how to access them
Watch Breaking Barriers RSE Lesson

LGBT+ History: Big RSE Lesson

Around 15,000 young people tuned in for Brook’s online RSE lesson celebrating LGBT+ history month 2022.

The lesson, aimed at Year 9 and above, explores the richness of LGBT+ history with the aim of challenging stereotypes, promoting understanding and celebrating diversity.

  • Key moments in LGBT+ history
  • Influential LGBT+ history
  • Importance of allyship
  • Myth-busting quiz
Watch the LGBT+ History RSE Lesson

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