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Training for professionals

Brook’s training programmes support you with the successful and meaningful implementation of relationships and sex education. 

In 2021/22, we trained over 8,500 professionals with 96% of attendees rating our training as good or very good.  

About Brook training sessions

Brook training sessions are personally transformational, enabling professionals to take a stigma-challenging and attitude-changing approach.

With the help of Brook experts, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to deliver holistic, meaningful RSE lessons and feel better equipped to support young people as they navigate life’s challenges. 

Our training is suitable for anyone who works directly with young people or who is responsible for ensuring young people receive timely and effective education and can thrive in safe and nurturing environments. This includes teachers, support staff, school leaders, safeguarding leads, pastoral leads, youth workers, health or care workers, youth offending teams and criminal justice workers. We also offer sessions for parents and carers. 

You can explore our range of training opportunities below, which we can deliver when it best suits you (including after school hours). If you can’t see what you’re looking for, would like more information about any of our sessions, or would like to discuss a bespoke training package for your organisation, get in touch.

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Delivering excellent RSE

This selection of training sessions has been designed to support the delivery of effective RSE that not only meets but goes beyond the mandatory requirements to provide education that is meaningful and impactful. Learn tips and tricks for tackling sensitive topics, creating engaging lessons and developing a whole school approach. 

Most of our sessions are aimed at secondary schools or organisations working with young people of secondary school age, but we also support primary schools and younger age groups on request. Some sessions are CPD certified. 

Click on a session for further information about what it covers, duration and price. 

Teaching RSE in the classroom

Duration: half day (3 hours) or full day | Delivery: in-person or online | Number of participants: up to 20 per session | Price: from £525 | Recommended for: teachers, senior leaders | CPD certified

This CPD certified introductory session establishes the groundwork necessary to deliver mandatory RSE in secondary school. After this training session, teachers will feel confident and equipped to teach excellent mandatory RSE that ensures the best outcomes for young people. 

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Delivery in practice

Duration: 2.5 hours | Delivery: in-person or online | Number of participants: up to 80 per session | Price: from £445 | Recommended for: teachers and senior leaders 

Aimed at schools where a large number of staff are required to deliver RSE, this session supports the practical delivery of RSE, helping you understand the mandatory RSE requirements and how to go beyond these to provide a comprehensive spiral curriculum. 

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Teaching sensitive subjects

Duration: 2 hours | Delivery: in-person or online | Number of participants: up to 20 per session | Price: from £355 | Recommended for: teachers, support staff 

This session takes a trauma informed and lived experience approach to teaching sensitive subjects. Typically, two sensitive topics will be covered in detail; these will be tailored to what you would find most useful and include pleasure, LGBT+, pornography and consent.

During the session you will learn about the importance and relevance of including your chosen topics in your RSE curriculum, receive practical advice on how to teach the topics and guidance on what content to include.  

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Managing difficult questions

Duration: 2 hours | Delivery: in-person or online | Number of participants: up to 20 per session | Price: from £355 | Recommended for: teachers, support staff | CPD certified 

Young people naturally have questions when it comes to sex and relationships, and many RSE educators tell us that the unpredictability of these questions and how to answer them can be stressful and make teaching certain subjects feel daunting. 

This CPD certified session will equip you with the basics to create a safer learning space that encourages young people’s curiosity, answer difficult questions effectively and in an age-appropriate manner, and identify further sources of information and support.  

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Opening quotation marks

I learned new information in a completely relaxed and friendly setting, and I’ve come away with a wealth of information that will directly affect how I approach this topic with the young people in my sessions, and probably me personally!”

James Dunn, Youth Worker, HIVE Youth Zone 

Keeping children and young people safe

Brook firmly believes that every young person should be equipped with the knowledge they need to safely navigate sex, health and relationships, and that professionals working with them should feel confident and supported with identifying and responding to safeguarding concerns. 

Click on a session for further information about what it covers, duration and price. 

Sexual Health in the Community (SHC)

Duration: 4 hours | CPD certified | Delivery in person or online | Number of participants: Up to 20 per session | Price: From £525 | Recommended for: Youth and community workers, social workers, teachers, safeguarding teams

Everyone has a right to safe, confidential, accessible healthcare. With the current challenging funding landscape for sexual health services in the UK we are continuing to rely on community systems to support the clinical structures that are currently in place.

This training provides professionals who work in the community with the skills to have practical and inclusive conversations about sexual health to support young people. By the end of the training, you will have a better understanding of sexual health policy and confidentiality guidelines. You will also take away technical knowledge, while being able to advise young people and signpost them to the correct agencies. 

We also offer this training session as a ‘train the trainer’ model which is recommended if you are planning on training a large number of staff.

You may also be interested in our Traffic Light Tool training which we offer as a package with this session. 

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Teaching consent and managing disclosures of sexual violence 

Duration: 4 hours | Delivery: in-person or online | Number of participants: up to 20 per session | Price: from £525 | Recommended for: teachers, senior leaders, governors 

Developed in response to the experiences of young people highlighted through the Everyone’s Invited movement and 2021 Ofsted review, this is essential training for any school or organisation looking to improve confidence in reacting to sexual assault disclosures, better understand the importance of consent education in mitigating sexual violence and learn how to embed this teaching as part of a spiral curriculum.  

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Spotting the Signs of child sexual exploitation (CSE) 

20+ staff | from £665 | Half day

Train staff with this skill-based, practical session that provides updates on current exploitation trends, interactive risk assessment activities, introduction to the tools and guidance, and practice using the tool to explore risk within realistic exploitation scenarios.

Professionals who take part in this training will develop the confidence to apply the new Spotting the Signs tool sensitively and effectively.

A young person is highly unlikely to disclose that they are at risk of, or experiencing, CSE. Therefore, understanding how to exercise professional curiosity and how to spot the signs is critical to protecting young people at risk and getting support for those being exploited.  

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Download the Spotting the Signs Tool

Traffic Light Tool: identifying and responding to harmful sexual behaviours

Duration: 1-3.5 hours | Delivery: in-person, online or self-directed | Number of participants: varies | Price: from £30 | CPD accredited 

Recommended for: teachers, classroom and support staff, pastoral leads, school nurses, youth workers, health and care workers, youth offending teams, criminal justice workers 

Brook’s nationally recognised Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool and training provides a highly visible, multi-agency response that helps professionals to identify, understand and respond appropriately to sexual behaviours in young people. 

The training and accompanying Tool support consistent and informed decisions that neither stigmatise nor criminalise young people. Participants will learn about healthy sexual development, understand key laws relating to sexual behaviour and gain knowledge on enabling robust and meaningful conversations around harmful sexual behaviours that cause concern. 

We offer several routes to access the Traffic Light Tool and training designed to accommodate different contexts and budgets; this ranges from individual completion of a self-directed e-learning course through to a ‘train the trainer’ model or open-access license suited to Safeguarding Partnerships, Local Authorities and Multi Academy Trusts. 

Find out more about the Traffic Light Tool and training options

Opening quotation marks

The quality of the training provided by brook is outstanding… staff said it was the best safeguarding training they had ever received; it challenged their own personal values/attitudes and also took them outside their comfort zone. In turn we have seen an increase in the identification of sexual behaviours and the consistency in logging them as green, orange or red behaviours.

Deputy Trust Safeguarding Lead, The Howard Partnership Trust 

Responding to specific needs

RSE lessons should always be inclusive, safe spaces that support young people to get involved. Some young people will have specific needs that must be considered for RSE to be relevant to them and to have a meaningful impact. 

The below sessions are designed to support you in adapting RSE content and delivery to better suit the needs of your young people. 

Click on a session for further information about what it covers, duration and price. 

RSE for neurodivergent young people

Duration: half day (3 hours) or full day | Delivery: in-person or online | Number of participants: up to 20 per session | Price: from £525 

Recommended for: teachers, classroom and support staff, RSE leads, SEND/ALN/ASN coordinators 

This training equips professionals with the knowledge and skills to deliver RSE more confidently to neurodiverse young people; recognising that they have the right to learn about relationships and sex but may need lessons to be delivered differently. Our experts will support you with identifying suitable teaching methods and help you plan how you will respond to some of challenges you might come across. 

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Talking to care-experienced young people

Duration: full day or two half days | Delivery: in-person or online | Number of participants: up to 20 per session | Price: £885 

Recommended for: teachers, classroom and support staff, RSE leads 

If you look after or work with care-experienced young people, this training will support you to understand the specific issues and challenges looked after children may experience, the importance of talking about sexual health and relationships in an age-appropriate and timely way, how best to engage them and where you can find additional help and support. 

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Supporting and including LGBT+ young people

Duration: 2 or 3.5 hours | Delivery: in-person or online | Number of participants: up to 20 per session | Price: from £355 

Recommended for: teachers, classroom and support staff, RSE leads 

This training draws upon the lived experiences of LGBT+ young people to help you understand the influences and pressures young people face as they explore their emerging sexuality, create RSE lessons that are LGBT+ inclusive and friendly, and know how to manage challenging questions and beliefs.  

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Responding to specific themes

At Brook, we pride ourselves on our continual ability to listen to young people and respond proactively to specific themes as and when they arise. Our training sessions below were all developed to support professionals to deal with specific themes and issues in a competent and confident manner.  

These are examples of popular sessions we deliver but we can also work with you to support with specific topics and trends that may be a cause for concern in your school. 

Click on a session for further information about what it covers, duration and price. 

Pornography and youth produced sexual imagery (YPSI)

Duration: half day (3 hours) | Delivery: in-person or online | Number of participants: up to 20 per session | Price: from £525 

Recommend for: teachers, RSE leads 

The best RSE acknowledges that young people rarely distinguish between the online and offline world and recognises the influence of social media and pornography on young people’s attitudes towards relationships, sex, bodies and identity. 

In this session you will learn how to discuss and challenge viral trends, using them to communicate essential messaging about consent, sexual health and body image, alongside exploring how to keep young people safe online and how to improve young people’s self-awareness about the influence of social media and pornography on their opinions and beliefs.  

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Understanding Masculinity and Tackling Misogyny

Duration: 4 hours | Delivery: in-person or online | Number of participants: up to 20 per session | Price: from £525

Recommended for: teachers, RSE leads and professionals working with young people

In response to increasing concerns about the dangerous impact of online misogyny on students, Brook has developed this training session to support teachers to understand and tackle harmful misogynistic narratives in the classroom.  

This training prepares professionals to understand gender related pressures among young people, to know the nature and scale of online misogyny, and to identify and mitigate the push-pull factors that attract young people towards extreme online ideologies. This training includes practical RSE tips and activities to increase professionals’ confidence in raising an awareness and tackling misogyny in the classroom.

More coming soon.

Embedding RSE

RSE is most effective where it is embedded into the young person’s unique context and where conversations are continued outside of school. We recognise that it can be hard to get this right and to get everyone on board, so we developed this set of engagement sessions, led by Brook experts, which have helped many schools to provide comprehensive RSE that extends from the classroom to the home. 

How to engage parents and carers 

Duration: 2.5 hours | Delivery: in-person or online | Number of participants: up to 20 per session | Price: from £400 | Recommended for: teachers, RSE leads, senior leaders, governors 

Engaged parents and carers are essential for effective RSE, but something we hear from teachers time and time again is that discussing RSE with parents can be challenging.  

We developed this session to support schools with promoting RSE to parents, managing difficult questions and helping teachers work closely with parents to establish continuity between RSE at home and at school. 

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Parent and carer engagement sessions with Brook experts

Duration: 2.5 hours | Delivery: in-person or online | Number of participants: up to 20 per session | Price: from £450 | Recommended for: parents and carers (via schools) 

This session is provided directly to parents and carers and delivered by Brook experts who can confidently address concerns and help dispel myths and misinformation about RSE. 

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Meeting mandatory RSE requirements

It can be hard to make sure you are meeting the mandatory requirements for RSE. That’s why Brook offers consultancy to support your school and teachers. This includes: 

  • Creating or reviewing a curriculum 
  • Teaching the requirements for mandatory RSE 
  • Reviewing school policies  
  • Workforce development 
  • Developing lesson plans and resources 
  • Embedding a whole school approach 

Our team of experienced and qualified consultants is comprised of educational and RSE specialists, clinical experts, strategic leaders and curriculum experts.  

Each of our consultancy partnerships is designed with the client’s input and is shaped by agreed performance indicators linked to concrete results. 

Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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Encouraging a whole school approach

Duration: 2 hours | Delivery: in person or online | Number of participants: up to 100 per session | Price: from £325 | Recommended for: all school staff

For those seeking a whole school approach, we offer training to all school staff about the role and importance of RSE. This short and snappy training session is a way to get everyone on board with RSE, and gain understanding of and confidence in their roles and responsibilities in relation to wider RSE issues which arise within the school community. 

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On-demand training

Duration: from 1 hour | Delivery: self-directed | Price: free – £40 

Alongside our specialised in-person and online training sessions, Brook also offers a series of on-demand e-learning courses, including our new course How to Deliver RSE which will equip you with the confidence and resources needed to teach high-quality, comprehensive Relationships and Sex Education (RSE). 

Our free or low-cost courses can be completed in your own time and at your own pace. 

Explore our range of e-learning courses


I need support with a particular theme/topic, can Brook help me?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for this page, get in touch with our team to see if we are able to support you with a particular theme or topic. Our team always make sure we find the best training session for you.

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Are they online or in person?

We can deliver both online and in person professional training depending on your location. Both are facilitated by an experienced Brook Specialist.  

Why Brook?

As proud advocates, government consultants and nationally-recognised thought leaders on RSE, we are best placed to guide you on matters of policy, training and implementation. Our educational offers have been specifically designed to aid you every step of the way, ensuring that both young people and the professionals tasked with teaching them RSE are empowered and informed.  

Our direct delivery to young people in schools and youth settings across the country remains the gold standard for quality assured and rights-based RSE. 

More about our approach to Education and Training

How much do training sessions cost and what is included in the cost?

Our training sessions are charged at a set hourly rate that includes travel within a certain radius. We can offer discounts for larger bookings. The prices on our website offer a guide to how much training sessions cost, contact our team to find out more.

What is a ‘train the trainer’ model?

A ‘train the trainer’ model is recommended for organisations that are planning on training a large number of staff. With this extended training, our Brook experts train a group within the organisation not just on the content but on how to effectively deliver the session to other staff members. This method allows you to train more people in less time and at a lower cost.  

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