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Sexual Health Week

13-19 SEPTEMBER 2021

SHW 2021 13 – 19 September

CONSENT: Do you get it?

When it comes to sex and relationships, consent is still seen as a “difficult” issue. “Difficult” to teach in the classroom, “difficult” to raise in the workplace and even “difficult” to discuss in our own personal relationships.  

But it shouldn’t be that way. For Sexual Health Week 2021, Brook focussed on normalising conversations about consent and empowering people to talk about it positively and proactively. We want to make sure everyone gets consent! 

Webinar: Consent, Young Men and RSE

Watch back

Watch our expert panel discuss how relationships and sex education can be used to empower boys and young men to take ownership of consent


Join the campaign

Help raise awareness of the importance of consent in digital relationships and put an end to unsolicited sexual photos.

Resource: Managing diclosures

Available now

Get our free resource for teachers and professionals working with young people on how to handle disclosures of sexual harassment and assault.

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Professionals training

A range of full- and half-day courses for professionals working with young people.

Computer with Brook Learn puberty course on screen

Brook Learn

Free e-learning to empower, support and encourage you to deliver effective RSE.

Brook’s Sex Ed Diaries

Podcast series probing the questions and dilemmas facing teachers preparing for mandatory RSE.

Free resources

High quality resources to support effective RSE, including handouts, videos, animations and booklets.

Brook blog

The voice of young people’s sexual health & wellbeing, featuring Brook staff, experts and young activists.

Help & Advice

Accessible information on sex, relationships, STIs, gender, mental health and loads more!

SHW 2020: Get your RSE in gear

For Sexual Health Week 2020, Brook celebrated the introduction of mandatory RSE in schools.

From awards, to videos to virtual lessons, the week was jam packed with activity aimed at equipping teachers to deliver excellent relationships and sex education for all young people.

Almost 7,000 students tuned in to Brook’s biggest virtual RSE lesson ever. Find out more.

Brook and SH:24’s Sexual Health Awards celebrated those leading ground breaking work destigmatising sexual health.

Five free introductory trainings on some of the core topics needed to deliver excellent RSE. Watch on YouTube.

Brook’s BIG Illustration Competition showcased amazing artwork from young designers and illustrators, celebrating the beauty and diversity of bodies and sexuality. More about the competition.

Brook and Mencap education session, 2018

SHW 2019: Continuing the conversation

Thank you so much to all our 2019 Sexual Health Week supporters. We learned so much from our campaign on the topic of relationships, sex and disability.

Following the campaign, we identified a gap in our own RSE resources for SEND young people and as part of our commitment to challenging inequality, we have developed a new accredited training package for professionals.

View our full range of expert education, training and consultancy programmes and access free resources.


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