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Sexual Health Week 2024

This year we want to engage your brain and explore the links between sexual health and mental health.

Are you feeling it?

When it comes to sex, do you worry more about catching an STI, or catching feelings? Using condoms is one way to practice safer sex, but if the brain is the body’s biggest erogenous zone, how do we protect it? 

For decades Brook has taken a holistic approach to sexual health, recognising that physical and emotional wellbeing are inseparable. But with mental health in decline and STIs on the rise, it’s more important than ever to talk about how the two intersect. That’s why for Sexual Health Week 2024: Are You Feeling It? we will be shining a light on the inextricable links between mental health and sexual health and demonstrating the positive impact of early intervention.  

We will amplify the voices of those whose mental and physical wellbeing have been impacted by stigma and explore the vital role RSE plays in helping young people develop healthy minds as well as healthy bodies. We will also celebrate our own experts and bring together professionals from across the mental health and sexual health sectors to share their experiences, address the challenges they face, and provide tangible solutions to improve health outcomes.  

Watch this space for more information in the coming weeks, but in the meantime sign up to our newsletter for future updates. 

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Previous sexual health weeks

SHW23 Playing it Safe

Thank you to everyone who supported SHW23 Playing it Safe. Our SHW23 campaign evidenced the positive impact of RSE, promoted consent and pleasure as key components of safer sex and celebrated experts across the sector working tirelessly to keep people safe from harm.   

We ran a Safeguarding Conference covering topics such as AI, RSHE and mental health and involved experts from Brook and other organisations. Watch the conference on demand.

More than 60,000 people joined our Big RSE lesson on Understanding and Challenging Gender Stereotypes. Watch the live lesson on demand.

We launched our new course How to Deliver RSE and our online tool, Spotting the Signs which both help make sure we keep young people safe.

We also launched our TikTok, our parents and carers section of our website and our pledge for high quality RSE.

Text reads "Sexual Health Week: Playing it Safe. 11th-17th September"

SHW22 Breaking Barriers

Thank you to everyone who supported SHW22 Breaking Barriers. During the week, we amplified the voices of those who face access barriers and shone a light on the important work that Brook, partners and sector experts are doing to address health inequalities.

We kicked off the week with our webinar and Q&A, discussing what we mean by breaking barriers and what Brook is doing every day to overcome them.  

More than 15,660 people tuned in to our third Big RSE Lesson. Watch on demand

Our live panel event hosted by our ambassador Ruby Rare with experts from Brook, GALOP, Beyond Equality and Decolonising Contraception, explored the barriers faced by different communities and the ways that sex and sexual health intersect with all the other aspects of our identities.  

We partnered with The Survivors Trust to launch new resources to support young people who are survivors of sexual abuse, assault and trauma to overcome challenges they may face when accessing sexual health services.  

We produced a series of short videos featuring Brook experts discussing a range of topics from access to sexual health services to teaching consent.  

Breaking Barriers #SHW22 graphic

SHW21 Consent: Do you get it?

With the issue of sexual harassment and assault in schools dominating the media throughout 2021, we chose consent as the theme for SHW21. Throughout the week, we focussed on normalising conversations about consent and empowering people to talk about it positively and proactively.

As part of the activity, we launched our #StopCyberflashing campaign calling for the criminalisation of sending unsolicited nudes. The campaign was championed by Fay Jones MP during a parliamentary debate, and we are delighted that cyberflashing is to become a criminal offence as part of the Online Safety Bill.

More than 200 people attended our webinar on Consent, Young Men, and RSE with Susie McDonald, Chief Executive of Tender, and Ben Hurst, Head of Facilitation at Beyond Equality, as well as Brook staff and champions.

To support schools, we created a new downloadable consent handout for young people and a guide for teachers on how to handle disclosures of sexual assault and harassment in their schools.

Pixelated image of a red chilli pepper with the text "whether irl or online, always get consent" overlaid on top

SHW20 Get your RSE in gear

For Sexual Health Week 2020, Brook celebrated the introduction of mandatory RSE in schools.

From awards, to videos to virtual lessons, the week was jam packed with activity aimed at equipping teachers to deliver excellent relationships and sex education for all young people.

Almost 7,000 students tuned in to Brook’s virtual RSE lesson.

Brook and SH:24’s Sexual Health Awards celebrated those leading ground breaking work destigmatising sexual health.

Five free introductory trainings on some of the core topics needed to deliver excellent RSE.

Brook’s BIG Illustration Competition showcased amazing artwork from young designers and illustrators, celebrating the beauty and diversity of bodies and sexuality.

A graphic saying "Get your RSE in gear!" with a bright background

SHW19 Continuing the conversation

Thank you so much to all our 2019 Sexual Health Week supporters. We learned so much from our campaign on the topic of relationships, sex and disability.

Following the campaign, we identified a gap in our own RSE resources for SEND young people and as part of our commitment to challenging inequality, we have developed a new accredited training package for professionals.

Brook and Mencap education session, 2018