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About Brook

Brook believes in a society where young people
are free to be themselves.

The reality is that societal stigma limits young people’s ability to take control of their sexual health, enjoy healthy relationships and explore their identities. 

We are committed to changing attitudes, challenging prejudices and championing equality so that all young people can lead happy, healthy lives.

Our vision

Our vision is that young people’s lives are free from inequality, rich with opportunity and enriched by happy, healthy relationships.

Our mission

Our mission is to equip young people for life’s challenges.

Being a young person can be tough. Through our innovative clinical services, digital support, tailored counselling and inspiring relationships and sex education, young people are able to take charge of their sexual health and wellbeing.

We demand better for young people. We fight for young people’s rights, amplify their voice and campaign to protect their specialist services. By changing perceptions and developing skills, we give professionals the knowledge and confidence to deliver the quality services that young people need and deserve.

Our values

Our four core values – Trustworthy, Trailblazing, Collaborative and Courageous – underpin everything we do.


Young people rely on Brook’s confidential and non-judgemental approach to speak freely about the issues that affect them. 


Since 1964 we have championed the pioneering spirit of our founder, leading the way in meeting the ever-changing needs of young people. 


We implement best practice and share our expertise so that young people, professionals and communities thrive. 


We relentlessly push the boundaries when fighting for change. 

Our plans

We’ve launched an ambitious new strategy which sets out our four key priorities for 2020-23:

  1. Challenging inequality: Young people tell us that they want a society that recognises their right to healthy relationships and open conversations about sex and sexuality. We will champion their campaign and work together to challenge stigma, shift attitudes and effect meaningful change.
  2. Increasing accessibility: We want our services, provision and products to be accessible to all young people, including those who may be vulnerable or experiencing disadvantage, discrimination or isolation. We know that arming young people with knowledge and awareness helps them to make informed choices and manage their own wellbeing.
  3. Transforming digitally: We want young people and professionals to access our services and products in ways that best suit them. Digital solutions will play a vital role in increasing our reach and providing a greater number of effective interventions.
  4. Driving Innovation: We are committed to being at the forefront of young people’s evolving needs. Utilising robust internal data and externally available evidence, we will ensure our services and products respond to the changing demands of service users and stakeholders.

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Our story

Where Brook started, where we are and where we’re heading

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