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About Brook

Brook believes in a society where everyone is supported to live healthy lives, free from inequality and strengthened by fulfilling relationships. 

This year millions of people in the UK will experience attacks on their sexual and reproductive rights. These attacks are shaped by, and reinforce stigma.

Brook is a charity supporting people with their sexual health and wellbeing. We offer a range of services to support our mission of helping people to live healthier lives.

We believe excellent sexual health, mental health and wellbeing is a right. We will continue to fight for a society that welcomes everyone and trusts people to make decisions about their health, their bodies and their identities.

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Our Story

Founded by Helen Brook in 1964, Brook blazed a trail by empowering unmarried women to take charge of their sexual health at a time when it was deemed controversial. Despite fierce opposition, Helen Brook refused to let stigma stand in the way of what was needed, and continued to provide free contraception and confidential sexual health advice. Today, Brook is proud to continue in her pioneering footsteps by providing high quality, holistic sexual health and wellbeing services that include frontline services as well as education, training and advocacy.

All those women who were suffering from the backstreet abortionist – I had this marvellous, wonderful thought… we could start seeing unmarried women…Here was the very thing that would make women free.

Helen Brook, speaking to BBC Radio 4 in 1989
Listen to the full interview (8 mins
Group of young men at a sex education session, 1990s

Girls having a sex ed session at a London Brook Centre, 1990s

Helen Brook with Birmingham band Fuzzbox, mid-late1980s.

Couple visiting a Brook centre, 1960s

Attendees of the Brook AGM, 1971

DJ and presenter Stuart Henry visiting London Brook, 1970s

Agony aunts presenting a petition to Downing Street in support of unders 16s obtaining confidential medical advice, 1985