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Brook’s PSHE curriculum

Combining decades of experience supporting young people with their sexual health and wellbeing with our extensive knowledge of the requirements for mandatory Relationships and Sex Education, we have developed a full PSHE curriculum for key stages 1-5.

Why choose Brook’s PSHE curriculum?

We have led the way to support young people for over 55 years, helping over 1.4 million people in 2019/20. We have consistently advocated for better PSHE for pupils, contributing to the consultation and development of the new guidance for schools.

Brook’s curriculum has been produced by experts who have a range of professional qualifications including: primary and secondary teaching; financial literacy and planning; youth and social work; SEND and counselling.

About the curriculum

Our curriculum will provide a consistent, high quality PSHE education for all young people in school setting. We have created and curated developmentally appropriate resources that are customisable, including for young people who experience SEND. The curriculum is CBT-based and trauma informed throughout.

By using the curriculum, you will be meeting all statutory Ofsted guidance for mandatory relationships and sex education (RSE) and all PSHE Association principals and outcomes.

The curriculum is divided into three core themes, including lessons on:

  • Health and Wellbeing: puberty, mental health, keeping active, dental care and healthy eating.
  • Relationships: respectful and healthy relationships (both on and offline), kindness and sex education.
  • Living in the Wider World: career planning, financial literacy and exploring our rights and responsibilities.

Key messages will be introduced, reinforced and built upon year on year at developmentally appropriate stages, through a spiral curriculum. The curriculum has been designed to allow facilitators flexibility in how they choose to deliver the lessons to meet the needs of their children and young people and the practicalities of their settings.

The curriculum is housed on our bespoke online learning platform: Brook Learn. Purchase of the license will entitle you to download, save or print the resources over a two-year period. Once registered on Brook Learn, school staff will also have access to a number of free e-learning courses to support RSE delivery.

Purchase options

Individual school

Individual schools are able to purchase our curriculum.

This means you can be in control of the exact content your pupils receive; confident in the knowledge that it is of the highest quality and is tailored to their needs.

Prices start from £1,500


We encourage schools to pool resources and can offer a multiple school discount.

This lowers the individual cost of accessing the curriculum but still allows each school to maintain full autonomy over RSE delivery.

Please contact us to discuss pricing options

Local Authorities

This curriculum was initially designed for use by entire Local Authorities.

Purchase of this curriculum will ensure your area will join the early adopters of Brook’s curriculum as a leader in PSHE.

Please contact us to discuss pricing options

If you are interested in purchasing the curriculum or would like to find out more, please get in touch on


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