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Through our ongoing advocacy we call for improved health outcomes, and challenge stigma and inequality. 

Here are some key issues we’re passionate about. Join the conversation and help us shout louder by using our campaign toolkits with visuals and key messages.

Two hands holding up protest boards saying "high-quality" and "RSE"


As the government reviews its guidance of Relationships, Sex and Health Education we need more people to stand up for RSHE that is high-quality, effective, inclusive and empowers children and young people to thrive.

condom wrapper with the text safer sex is great sex

safer sex rules

Practising safer sex is one of the best ways to look after you and your partners’ health. It also leads to better sex as you can enjoy yourself without worrying about STIs or unplanned pregnancy. It’s never been easier to look after your sexual health. All it takes is; consent, condoms, contraception and testing!


Having a good friend can make all the difference when you’re in an unhealthy relationship.

Help raise awareness of how you and your friends can be there for one another and support each other with life online and unhealthy relationships.

colourful illustration of lots of people standing next to each other in rows


A guide for survivors of sexual abuse, assault and trauma.

Raising awareness of the challenges that young people who are survivors of sexual abuse, assault and trauma may face when accessing healthcare appointments and screening services.

Take Charge: Stop the Stigma graphic

Take Charge

Knowing your HIV status puts you in control of your health.

Help raise awareness about HIV to tackle stigma and encourage everyone to take charge of their health. 

Stop Cyberflashing

There should be no grey areas when it comes to consent and sexual harassment.

Help raise awareness of the importance of consent in digital relationships and put an end to unsolicited sexual photos.

Sexual Health Week

Every September, Brook celebrates Sexual Health Week with a programme of talks, events and resources about an aspect of sexual health.

Find out what we did for Sexual Health Week 2023