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Corporate Partnerships

If you’d like to make a genuine difference through a mutually beneficial partnership, have a chat with us about becoming a corporate partner.

Become a corporate partner

We know that stigma drives misinformation and shame and translates to health inequality – particularly when it comes to sexual health and mental health.  

This year, millions of people in the UK will continue to experience attacks on their sexual and reproductive rights that are both shaped by, and reinforce, stigma.  

Brook is resolute in its commitment to fighting back and standing for and with those affected, but we need to work together.  

As a corporate partner, you can help us to change the narrative, fight stigma and directly support those who find their sexual and reproductive rights under attack.  

Join our fight. Work with us.  

Why partner with us?
By joining our fight, you will demonstrate your commitment to fighting stigma, challenging inequality and increasing accessibility. You will benefit from expert support from Brook’s dedicated team and authentic engagement with our stakeholders, including young people.

Ways To Get Involved

Here are just some ways your company can get involved with Brook.

Brook’s Live Lessons 

Through a sponsorship partnership, we can also look to develop standalone events throughout the year that are tailored to your organisation and key messages. One example is our Big RSE Live Lesson – the latest of which was watched by over 55,000 young people and teachers. Sponsoring events like this can showcase your brand to a wide audience and highlight your support of our cause. 

Our expertise

A partnership with Brook can cover a range of sexual health, mental health and wellbeing areas. Examples of some issues we’d be keen to cover can include:  

  • RSE support for Neurodivergent young people; development of easy-read resources 
  • Menopause training for employers  
  • Consent and Sexual Harassment training for workforces 
  • Sexual Health education – STIs and Contraception, Anatomy 
  • Healthy Relationships education for young people 
  • LGBT+ inclusivity: training for the workforce and education 
  • Body image and self-esteem: celebration of our bodies 
  • Youth Produced Sexual Imagery (Sexting) education resources for young people 
  • Pornography, Online safety and digital literacy: training for professionals 
  • Education for care-experienced young people and/or young carers 
  • Prep and HIV education and training 
  • ‘MyLife’ 1:1 programme for young people  
  • Campaign: Misinformation around hormonal contraception  
  • Campaign: Access to contraception for Neurodivergent people 

Why choose us?

By choosing Brook as your charity partner, you’ll receive a number of benefits, including:

  • A dedicated account manager for your organisation
  • A bespoke calendar of opportunities aligned with your corporate social responsibility and business objectives
  • Support from our Communications team on a national or local level
  • Cause-related marketing opportunities, to be explored where appropriate
  • Exclusive sponsorship opportunities

Here’s just some of the organisations we’ve worked with…

Canesten: Different is Normal

When it comes to vaginas and vulvas, different is normal. But research shows 65% of 26-35 year olds have a problem using the terms vagina and vulva.

That’s why we teamed up with Canesten to challenge stigma, normalise conversation and empower young people to take charge of, and celebrate, their body and their health. We delivered bespoke education sessions to over 2,400 young people in schools and universities nationwide, and our online campaign reached over 2 million women and girls under 25.

View the Vaginas and Vulvas hub we created with Canesten

Lil-lets: online puberty course

The stigma and shame surrounding periods can be detrimental not only to girls’ mental health but also to their education. Research shows* that 49% of girls in the UK have missed a full day of school because of their period.

That’s why Brook has teamed up with Lil-Lets, to tackle period inequality and support professionals delivering puberty sessions to young people. Providing young people with good quality puberty education helps to prepare them for the changes they experience during their transition to adulthood and breaks down harmful taboos. 

View the Brook Learn course we developed with Lil-Lets here.

*’Break the Barriers: Girls’ Experiences of Menstruation in the UK’, 2018 report by Plan UK


The London Dungeon

Festival Republic






Interested in becoming a corporate partner?
For more information, please get in touch with our Corporate Relationships Team on partnerships@brook.org.uk.