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Education and training

Our aim is to equip you with everything you need to provide exceptional relationships and sex education and wellbeing support to young people – from planning to policy to delivery.

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) becomes mandatory in schools in England from September 2020.

During 2018/19, we have actively contributed to the consultation and development of the new RSE guidance for schools. We are committed to ensuring that the legislation is improved and that everyone is effectively supported to deliver the kind of quality RSE that young people have consistently told us they want and need.

We have developed a number of training sessions, workshops and resources for young people, parents and carers and professionals to support the delivery of effective, up-to-date and safe RSE.

This includes a free online learning platform and handouts. Alongside this, we are able to offer consultancy services and accreditation to schools, colleges and universities.

View our offer below or access our Education and Training pack (pdf)

Our Services

  • Professional training

    Our training sessions for professionals working with children and young people offer support and expert guidance on specialist topics relating to RSE - including Porn, Sexting, Child Sexual Exploitation, Sexuality and Gender, among others - as well as practical advice on preparation for mandatory RSE.

  • RSE workshops for young people

    We provide participative, informative workshops in schools and other settings aimed at generating evidence-based discussion around sex, sexuality and relationships. These sessions increase young people’s knowledge and provide them with the vocabulary and skills to communicate with their peers, parents and professionals.

  • Brook Learn

    Brook Learn is our free online learning platform for professionals working with young people. It gives professionals the knowledge, confidence and skills to deliver high-quality relationships and sex education in schools. Courses available include How to Deliver RSE, Contraception, Relationships, Pleasure, Consent and Puberty.


    Brook Quality is a ‘kite mark’ of quality assurance specifically designed for schools. It provides a toolkit and a framework for schools to implement and then demonstrate the quality provision of RSE.

  • Brook Consultancy

    Brook’s experienced and qualified consultants can offer advice to professionals in areas such as educational policy, curriculum, subject-specific lesson plans, workforce development and more.

  • Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool

    Our highly acclaimed tool and training supports professionals working with young people by helping them to identify, understand and respond to sexual behaviours.

  • 1-1 TARGETED SUPPORT for young people

    Brook offers one-to-one sessions to young people aged 11+, based on a supported self-help approach. A Brook specialist creates a bespoke educational programme for each young person, designed to teach them behaviour change skills.

  • Upcoming training and events

    View upcoming talks and training sessions and book online.

  • Outreach and education in your area

    Find out if we are commissioned to deliver free training and education sessions in your area.

Free resources

  • EN
    Puberty – Handout

    A two-sided handout providing an overview of puberty and the body, how your body changes and what to expect during puberty - an ideal handout to supplement a sex and relationships lesson on puberty.


  • EN
    Contraception – Handout

    A two-sided handout providing an overview of contraception and the pros and cons of each method - an ideal handout to supplement a sex and relationships lesson on contraception.


  • EN
    The LGBT+ ABC – Handout

    This leaflet provides easily-accessible definitions for commonly encountered words and phrases about sexuality and gender identity. It is ideal to handout during LGBT-inclusive RSE sessions.


  • EN
    Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) – Handout

    A two-sided handout providing an overview sexually transmitted infections (STIs), how to protect yourself from getting one and the signs, symptoms and treatment for the most common STIs - an ideal handout to supplement a sex and relationships lesson on STIs.


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At Brook we are passionate about improving the sexual health and wellbeing of young people. Through our unique combination of clinical services, education and wellbeing programmes, training and advocacy work, we make a significant difference to the lives of under 25s.

In 2018/2019, Brook supported nearly 800,000 young people. 

As proud advocates, government consultants and nationally-recognised thought leaders on RSE, we are best placed to guide you on matters of policy, training and implementation. Our educational offers have been specifically designed to aid you every step of the way, ensuring that both young people and the professionals tasked with teaching them RSE are empowered and informed. 

Our direct delivery to young people in schools and youth settings across the country remains the gold standard for quality assured and rights-based RSE.


“Holly Lodge has an excellent working relationship with Brook and our girls really value the workshops that Brook offer. Would have no hesitation in recommending any Brook session.” – Teacher, Holly Lodge

“I was being pressured into doing things I didn’t want to do. I can see that now. Now I know it’s okay to say no to things. I also know how to keep myself safe when I do start having sex again. I wish I’d done this two years ago.” – Female, 17, on 1:1 support

“The staff were very confident and respectful, they went over everything and it didn’t feel embarrassing.” – Female, 14, Bebington High