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Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool

Brook’s nationally recognised Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool and training provides a highly visible, multi-agency response that helps professionals to identify, understand and respond appropriately to sexual behaviours in young people.

The training and accompanying Tool equip professionals to make consistent and informed decisions that neither stigmatise nor criminalise young people. Participants will learn about healthy sexual development, understand key laws relating to sexual behaviour and gain knowledge on enabling robust and meaningful conversations around harmful sexual behaviours that cause concern. 

About the Traffic Light Tool

The Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool complements organisational safeguarding procedures by supporting professionals working with children and young people to identify, understand and respond appropriately to sexual behaviours. 

Using the Tool supports you to:  

  • Identify behaviour and establish if sexual behaviour is typical or developmentally appropriate, problematic or harmful.  
  • Understand what that behaviour is communicating and why the child or young person may be exhibiting the behaviour.  
  • Respond appropriately, considering how the type of response will depend on what’s motivating the behaviour, what the behaviour is communicating and the severity of the behaviour. 

The Tool provides characteristics and examples of green, orange and red light behaviours, broken down by five age groups within 0-18 years. When using the tool, it is important to take into account the developmental age and ability level of the child or young person (and others involved) as well as the location, frequency and nature of the behaviour. 

The original Traffic Light Tool is owned by the Australian organisation True Relationships & Reproductive Health and has been licensed and adapted for use in the UK by Brook.  

To access the Traffic Light Tool, professionals must complete Traffic Light Tool training. This is to ensure safe use of the Tool. The Tool cannot be shared with people who have not completed the training. 

Please note: both the Tool and training are designed to complement existing safeguarding processes and should not be considered a replacement for your organisation’s safeguarding procedures.  

Traffic Light Tool Training options

Traffic Light Tool e-learning course

This course is CPD certified
  • Duration: 60-90 minutes 
  • Cost: £30 per person 
  • CPD certified

Housed on our very own e-learning platform, Brook Learn, the Traffic Light Tool e-learning course allows you to complete the training in your own time and at your own pace. The course features activities to support your learning and scenarios to help you practise applying the Traffic Light Tool.

Completion of the course will generate a certificate and allow you to access to a digital version of the Traffic Light Tool.

This option may suit those who are already familiar with the old tool and are requiring access to the updated version.

Traffic Light Tool open-access live training

This course is CPD certified
  • Duration: half day 
  • Cost: from £75 per person 
  • CPD certified 

We run regular face-to-face and digital Traffic Light Tool training sessions led by Brook specialists. These sessions offer you the opportunity to work with like-minded professionals as you explore your knowledge and values in relation to sexual behaviours, and then practise applying the Traffic Light Tool to scenarios drawn from Brook’s 55 years of experience working with young people under 25. 

All delegates will receive a Traffic Light Tool booklet to support their learning and a pdf of the Tool, as well as access to a digital version of the Tool and certificate upon completion. 

Book your place

We will advertise details of our live training sessions on Eventbrite. View upcoming events.

If you have any questions about our live training sessions, please email

Traffic Light Tool team training

This course is CPD certified
  • Duration: half day 
  • Cost: starting at £595 for 20 delegates  
  • CPD certified 

We are able to run bespoke Traffic Light Tool training sessions for groups of 20 or more delegates. This option allows you to explore the Traffic Light Tool as a team or with members of your wider organisation. It also supports attendees with how it applies in your unique setting, as well as helping you to develop an organisational approach to responding to sexual behaviours. 

All delegates will receive a Traffic Light Tool booklet to support their learning and a pdf of the Tool, as well as access to a digital version of the Tool and certificate upon completion. 

Enquire now

Email our training team on to discuss arranging team training sessions for your organisation.

Traffic Light Tool ‘train the trainer’ model licence

This course is CPD certified

We recommend our ‘train the trainer’ model licence for organisations looking to train up to 1,000 members of staff, such schools, social services, MATs, foster care and children’s homes.

We provide a full day’s professional training, including an introduction to sexual health, spotting the signs of inappropriate sexualised behaviour, and the full Traffic Light Tool Training. Trainers then have access to all necessary presentations and resources to deliver the 3.5 hour training.

Our goal is to ensure that your trainers are able to work to the same high level as Brook staff, to train professionals across your organisation.

Alongside the training and resources, we provide a minimum of one assurance visit per trained member of staff to ensure the quality of the training being delivered.

Every person your staff train on the tool gets access to our e-learning tool for free.

Enquire now

Email our training team on to discuss a pricing model which can be tailored to your needs.

Traffic Light Tool Lease

Recommended for large organisations with multiple sites and high number of staff working with young people (e.g., Safeguarding Partnerships, Local Authorities, Multi Academy Trusts), this is our most cost-effective model, ensuring an equality of access for any professional across an entire region.

With this open-access license model, you lease our CPD certified e-learning content. This model will allow you to train an unlimited number of professionals in your organisation or region over an agreed time period. You can host the content on your website or LMS, integrating it with any other trainings you offer, giving you full control over access.

Please email our training team on to discuss leasing the Traffic Light Tool. 

Please note: The Traffic Light Tool and training has undergone extensive review and development in 2020. Brook no longer supports previous versions of the Tool, and advises any individual or organisation using an older version (either online or on paper) to get in touch on  

CSE training

The Traffic Light Tool supports with the identification of potential Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) by acknowledging and explaining how sexual behaviours can indicate past, present, or future risk of CSE. However, it is not a CSE identification tool. 

Brook offers other training opportunities focused on CSE: 
CSE of boys and young men
Child Sexual Exploitation – A Brook Learn course 


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