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Traffic light tool: Train your organisation

Looking to train your organisation to identify and respond to sexual behaviours in children and young people?

Take a look at our cost-effective methods

What is the Traffic Light Tool?

The Traffic Light Tool helps professionals to make consistent and informed decisions that neither stigmatise nor criminalise young people. 

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train the trainer model

A man talking to other professionals with a laptop in front of him with a presentation slide reading "what is a spiral curriculum?"

What is it?

With this extended training, our Brook experts train a group within your organisation not just on the content but on how to effectively deliver the session to other staff members. This method allows you to train more people in less time and at a lower cost.  

Who’s it for?

We recommend our ‘train the trainer’ model licence for organisations looking to train up to 1,000 members of staff, such schools, social services, MATs, foster care and children’s homes.

What’s included?

We provide a full day’s professional training, including an introduction to sexual health, spotting the signs of inappropriate sexualised behaviour, and the full Traffic Light Tool Training. Trainers then have access to all necessary presentations and resources to deliver the 3.5 hour training.

Our goal is to ensure that your trainers are able to work to the same high level as Brook staff, to train professionals across your organisation.

Alongside the training and resources, we provide a minimum of one assurance visit per trained member of staff to ensure the quality of the training being delivered.

Every person your staff train on the tool gets access to our e-learning tool for free.

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lease the online course

Person looking at laptop screen which says introduction to sexual behaviours traffic light tool

What is it?

With this open-access license model, you lease our CPD certified e-learning content. This model will allow you to train an unlimited number of professionals in your organisation or region over an agreed time period. You can host the content on your website or LMS, integrating it with any other trainings you offer, giving you full control over access.

Who’s it for?

Recommended for large organisations with multiple sites and high number of staff working with young people (e.g., Safeguarding Partnerships, Local Authorities, Multi Academy Trusts), this is our most cost-effective model, ensuring an equality of access for any professional across an entire region.

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Other traffic light tool training options

Register for live online training
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