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Free STI testing and treatment in Tameside

If you are aged 16-24 and live in Tameside, you can request a free chlamydia and gonorrhoea test kit to be sent to you by post.

How it works

  1. Complete a quick online assessment
  2. Your test will be dispatched
  3. Complete your test at home
  4. Send your completed test back
  5. Receive your results
  6. Get help with accessing treatment if you need it

Both testing and treatment are free for eligible clients. Kits are only suitable for vaginal swabs or urine samples. If you have had unprotected anal or oral sex please contact Locala Sexual Health on 0161 342 7101 so they can advise on appropriate testing. 


How does it work (in more detail)?
  1. Complete a quick online assessment: it only takes a few minutes and will determine what type of test you need. Everything you tell us is kept private and confidential.
  2. Your test will be dispatched: tests usually will arrive within 2 days and will be sent in a plain envelope, via first class post.
  3. Complete your test: your kit will include clear instructions to help you take your own samples. Testing is simple and non-invasive: either a urine test or a vaginal swab that you complete yourself.
  4. Send your completed test back: use the freepost envelope provided and pop it in the nearest postbox.
  5. You will be contacted with your results: this is usually 5-7 days after you have returned the test. You will either receive a text message to say results are negative or a text message with a link to book a telephone appointment to discuss the results.
  6. You’ll get help with accessing treatment if you need it: if your test comes back positive, we will help you access treatment and notify your partner(s). Treatment is free and often possible to send by post so there’s no need for a visit to the clinic. You will also be supported to notify recent sexual partners so they can also get tested and treated (this can be done anonymously).

Please note: The current testing kits supplied are only suitable for vaginal swabs or urine samples. If you have had unprotected anal or oral sex we recommend that you contact Locala Sexual Health on 0161 342 7101 so that they can ensure that you are provided with the appropriate testing.

What can I test for with a home test kit?

The kits that Brook can provide by post will test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea. These are two of the most common STIs and it’s possible to have one or both of them with no symptoms.

If you know you’d like to be tested for HIV and syphilis you can order a free test kit from SH:24 or contact your local sexual health clinic. For HIV testing, you need to wait 6 weeks after unprotected sex to take a test in order to get the most accurate result.

When should I take a test?

If you’ve had unprotected sex, especially if it’s with a new partner, you should have an STI test even if you don’t have any symptoms.

It can take up to two weeks for chlamydia and gonorrhoea to show up in tests. Waiting two weeks after unprotected sex to take a test will provide a more accurate result.

What is unprotected sex?

When talking about STIs, unprotected sex is any type of sexual contact between two or more people where a barrier method, like a condom, was not used or failed. If you used a condom but it broke or came off, this would count as unprotected sex. If you’re not sure then we recommend you test anyway – it’s better to be on the safer side.

How quickly do I need to return my test?

As long as it’s been at least two weeks since unprotected sex, we recommend that you complete and return your test as quickly as possible. That way you’ll know sooner if you need to access treatment.

Remember: if you have unprotected sex again after you have taken the test, you will need to do a new test.

Should I take a test if I have symptoms?

These tests are for people who have no symptoms (are asymptomatic).

If you have any symptoms, please contact please contact Locala Sexual Health on 0161 342 7101.

They will be able to support you with free testing and treatment.

What happens if I test positive for an STI?

Treatment for chlamydia can be accessed from Brook Manchester following a telephone consultation.

Treatment for chlamydia is free and is often possible to send by post, meaning there is no need to visit the clinic.

Brook will refer you to an appropriate service if treatment for gonorrhoea is required.

Treatment for gonorrhoea is free.

Is this service confidential?

All sexual health services are confidential. This includes STI testing and treatment. Read more about your rights when accessing sexual health services.

In order to supply and process your test, Brook will need to share your information with The Doctor’s Laboratory (TDL). We will ask you to confirm that you are happy with this before submitting your test request.

I haven’t got my results – what should I do?

If you do not receive a text within 10 days of sending back your kit, or if you have any other questions or problems, you can get in touch with Brook Manchester on 0161 237 3001.

Brook also offers free STI home testing in other parts of the UK including Stockport, Trafford and Manchester. View more options for accessing home testing kits.