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XES - We Can't Go Backwards

This year Brook and FPA are working together and have launched a major new national campaign XES – We Can't Go Backwards to speak up and stop our rights being taken away.

Services, information and education for contraception, sexually transmitted infections and abortion are a basic right, earned through decades of struggle.

But through funding cuts, policy changes and increasingly aggressive opposition our rights are being eroded.

We can’t let that happen! Join our campaign and speak up for people of all ages who need and use these essential services and information. Refuse to go backwards!

Go to to find out more about the campaign and follow on Twitter @XEScampaign and

Sex:Positive - Challenging society's negative attitudes about sex

Why is sex taboo? Why do we allow young people to be stereotyped as promiscuous and irresponsible yet at the same time deprive them of the vital information they need to make safe and healthy choices?

If you’d prefer to live in a world which is more open and honest about sex and relationships, celebrates sexuality and embraces individuality then join the Sex:Positive campaign.

Click here to visit the Sex:Positive pages of our website to find out more and take the pledge now. Follow the campaign on Twitter @besexpositive

Brook’s young volunteers have created Sex:Positive to take a stand and challenge society’s negative attitudes about sex.

A Sex:Positive future is in your hands – pledge today!

Big issues don't have to be a big deal

Things like sex, relationships, contraception, sexuality and body worries don't have to be big scary subjects. Click here to find out more about Brook's Big issues don't have to be a big deal campaign.

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