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Brook has services across the UK offering free and confidential sexual health advice and contraception to young people under 25.

If you haven't visited a Brook service before, you might be anxious about what will happen when you get there. Reading our 'About visiting a service' section will help.

If there is no Brook service near you, please contact our Ask Brook helpline.

The Ask Brook team can’t book appointments for you, but they can give you the contact details of your nearest Brook service or young people's service, or you can look online here.

Appointments are not usually necessary at Brook services, as we work on a ‘drop in’ basis. 

Who to contact when Ask Brook is closed:

  • The Sexual Healthline (0300 123 7123).
  • If you need urgent medical advice outside of Brook opening times please contact NHS 111 by dialling 111, or NHS 24 (Scotland) on 08454 242424. 

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