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Our clinical services

Brook believes that young people should be able to care for their sexual health without barriers to accessing clinical services or fear of stigma.

When it comes to young people’s sexual health and relationships, societal stigma remains. This can create barriers to young people feeling comfortable accessing services and actively caring for their health.

Our approach

Brook offers a range of clinical services nationally for young people up to the age of 25. We provide contraception and emergency contraception, STI screening and treatment and partner notification, abortion referrals and counselling.

These services are inextricably linked with our education and wellbeing work, with each part contributing knowledge, experience and value to the whole.

Young people rarely come to us knowing exactly what they need. Brook works with each young person to identify the services and support that will help them have safe and enjoyable sex and relationships.

Our staff talk respectfully, honestly and openly to young people about anything that is worrying them. We work hard to build trust and maintain confidentiality, whilst always maintaining a robust approach to safeguarding.

We are also passionate about empowering young people, building their self-esteem and encouraging them to self care. That’s why we focus on providing friendly, non-judgemental advice and support so that young people can be themselves and make choices that are right for them. We know that by doing this we can ensure they are safe, happy and well.

Read about your rights when accessing sexual health services

Why are we different?

We are here for young people

We offer them protected space and time with staff who are passionate about young people, understand their needs and are unshockable. However embarrassed or worried a young person might be, we’ve seen and heard it all and treat every young person with the same respect.

We are trusted

Confidentiality is something we take seriously and young people tell us that they really trust us to listen and to help them. Local authorities trust us to keep young people safe and we’re proud of our safeguarding approach.

We are championing a whole life approach

Brook also provides all age services because we know that with the right education and support, young people will become adults that successfully manage their sexual and reproductive health.

We are flexible

The services we provide reflect the requirements of our commissioners but we also adapt to suit the needs of a location. We run city centre services with high student populations and services in market and industrial towns with high levels of need. We run successful outreach services as well as co-located.

We welcome everyone

It doesn’t matter who you are, who you love or who you’re having sex with, Brook’s doors are always open.

We are holistic

Our work is broader than sexual health because we know that everything in a young person’s life is connected.

What our service users think

Brook had over 76,000 clinical client visits in 2018/19. Between 2015 and 2018, 56% of our visitors were from the top 40 most deprived communities.

Young people rated our clinics 4.88 out of 5 stars

98% of young people would refer a friend to Brook

“I always get a little anxious coming in here but as soon as the receptionist greets me I’m completely at ease, it’s lovely to be treated so well with whatever your coming here for and not feel awkward or embarrassed, love brook!!!”

“I came in for contraception and had it done there and then. The nurse was chatty and made me feel at ease. They made it very simple for a young person to get contraception and talked to me about STIs in a way that didn’t make me feel stupid or that they were lecturing me.”


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