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Consent for students (higher education)

Online course to help students identify what consent means and summarise the laws around sexual consent. It will help foster a positive culture of consent on your campus and lead to healthier sexual relationships in your community.

The course has a robust, evidence-based foundation and informed by recent, in-depth consultation with young people.

This course was originally developed as part of a joint project with the University of Sussex and is based on original doctoral research by Dr Elsie Whittington who worked extensively with young people to research what they understood about consent and to understand the reality of their own sexual experiences.

Why understanding consent matters

Consent is the cornerstone of healthy and respectful relationships. It ensures that all parties involved have the autonomy and agency to make informed decisions about their sexual experiences. This course will equip students at your university or college with the necessary tools to navigate consent, understand its various components, and foster a culture of consent.

Course outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify what consent means
  • Explain what counts as sex or sexual activity
  • Describe some of the factors involved in giving and getting consent
  • Summarise the laws relating to sexual consent
  • Identify myths about sex, sexual violence, rape and consent
  • Understand scenarios where consent has been sought and given and where it has not
  • Describe the range of thoughts and feelings that someone might have when considering having sex
  • Identify verbal and non-verbal methods of communication and consent

Consent for teachers

Brook has a similar course for people who work with young people to help them teach about consent.

Consent for students features

Expert research: Our course is based on original doctoral research by Dr. Elsie Whittington, who extensively worked with young people to understand their understanding of consent and their real-life experiences.

Comprehensive learning: Each module covers a specific aspect of consent, including the law, communicating consent, help and support as well as different scenarios to consider.

Interactive content: Engage with interactive quizzes, case studies, and scenarios to apply knowledge and enhance understanding of consent.

Practical guidance: Gain practical advice on how to communicate effectively with partners about consent and learn how to respond if someone experiences harassment or violence.

Learn on your LMS: The Consent for Student course is SCORM compliant so that it can be uploaded and used on your university’s Learning Management System (LMS).

Get our course to start your journey toward promoting healthy sexual experiences among your students!

Take a look at Consent for Students

We’ll send you instructions on how to access the current version of the course. A member of our team will then get in touch with you to talk about the best way to embed the course at your organisation.

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