Welcome to Brook Bedfordshire - on these pages you can find information about services and activities in Bedfordshire.

Can anyone come with me?

You can visit Brook with a friend, parent, relative, carer, or on your own if you want to - it's entirely up to you.

Whilst we understand that you may be nervous visiting Brook, especially if you haven't visited before we do ask that you're seen on your own for a short amount of time first. This is in order to give you the best service possible and the opportunity to ask any questions you may want to ask.

When you are seen by an Adviser or Nurse, let them know that you would like someone present and that they're in the waiting room. The Adviser or Nurse will call them in after a short time providing this is what you still want.

  • Our translation services: We have a telephone translation facility available for non English speakers. We also have information about confidentiality available in other languages.
  • Facebook: Follow us for info about events, changes to the service and news about Brook and volunteering opportunities.
  • Relationships counselling support can be found at: www.relatebedsandluton.org.uk.

Phone bookings

If you call us, please specify which clinic you would like an appointment at - the 01234 761090 number covers all services in Bedford.

Services in the region