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How to deliver RSE (2023)

How to deliver RSE (2023) illustration

This online training course will help you prepare and deliver great Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) at your school.

After taking this course, you will feel confident and equipped to teach excellent mandatory RSE that ensures the best outcomes for young people.

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Who is the course for?

This course is a must-have for RSE leads and teachers delivering RSE.

As an RSE lead, you’ll learn everything from how to plan your school’s spiral curriculum to how to engage teachers across the school.

If you deliver RSE lessons, this course will help you to deliver comprehensive, effective lessons, safeguard young people and reflect on your own personal values as an educator.

Join over 30,000 people who have signed up to Brook Learn to deliver great RSE.


Course overview

How to deliver RSE is split into six modules:

1: Introduction and evidence

You will understand the importance of evidence-based practice, be familiar with the guidance and requirements in your region, and possess the tools to develop a robust RSE policy. The module covers practical strategies to prepare and deliver engaging RSE lessons in a whole school approach to support positive relationships and sexual health education.


2: Spiral curriculum

The recommended way to teach RSE is through regular, dedicated lessons, using a spiral curriculum approach. This means teaching topics that are timely, relevant and age appropriate, whilst building on their knowledge year on year. There are three examples of a spiral curriculum in action on different topics. The module talks about adolescence and the significant cognitive and emotional development which affects a young person’s understanding of RSE topics.


3: Delivering great RSE

To deliver great RSE, you must be fully prepared for the lesson you are delivering, ensuring you have reliable, up-to-date information and quality resources for the topic – this might therefore require some personal development to check your knowledge, confidence and skills are where you need them to be. This module covers:

  • How to structure a lesson
  • Reflecting on your personal and professional knowledge and values
  • Answering difficult questions
  • Identifying safeguarding concerns
  • Providing LGBT+ representation and how to embed this into your lessons
  • Achieving a truly inclusive environment at school


4: Religion and faith

The intersection of faith and RSE can throw up some tricky issues. Many religious beliefs about relationships and sex can feel at odds with best practice and equalities legislation, and therefore needs careful navigation. We’ll take a look at the mandatory guidance as well as the lived experience of young people of faith.


5: Parents and carers

Ideally, discussion of relationships and sex will happen at home alongside school-based RSE. This module covers how you can help by letting parents know what resources and techniques parents and carers can use at home to supplement RSE and discuss their own values and expectations around relationships.


6: Disabled and/or neurodivergent young people

Recognising some of the barriers to learning that young people may experience in RSE is key to help them overcome them.  The module covers different scenarios to encourage you to think of different teaching strategies with suitably adapted lesson plans.


How long does it take?

The course should take around 3 hours to complete.

You will then get a certificate to add to your records as proof of your commitment to delivering great RSE.

You will have unlimited access to the course for two years to learn when it suits you best. We’ll update the course with any updates if government guidance changes. These updates will be available for free and you’ll be notified of any new content.


Why Brook?

Brook works nationwide to make sure education, clinical provision, law, policy and practice are aligned with what young people tell us they want and need.

We have consistently advocated for better personal, social, relationships and sex education, contributing to the consultation and development of the new guidance for schools.

Our aim is to help you meet the needs of your children and young people in the practicalities of your setting, helping you identify their specific needs and encouraging your professional curiosity.

Over 30,000 people have signed up to our online learning platform Brook Learn and are applying this knowledge in their teaching.

What we’re really proud of is that over 95% of people rated Brook’s online courses as good or very good.


  • How do I register/pay for the course?

    Many of our Brook Learn courses are free, so there is no charge. Add the course to basket using the link below the course image. Go to checkout and the course will be available on your My Courses page. You can also log in to Brook Learn directly using the username emailed to you at registration.

    Card payment can be taken through the Brook website using the secure payment service Stripe. You will then be directed to our e-learning platform, Brook Learn, and automatically enrolled on the course you have purchased. Please read the course page carefully for details about enrolment periods.

    You can now pay by invoice. Select ‘pay by invoice’ at checkout and your enrolment will begin or vouchers sent within two working days of payment being received.

    If you are buying a course for someone else, go to the courses page and buy a voucher for the paid course. Put in the email address of the person you want to register for the course under ‘recipient’. They will then be sent a code to redeem and register themselves.

    Please contact training@brook.org.uk, referencing the course you wish to purchase, to discuss other payment options.

  • Can I pay by invoice?

    Yes. Add the courses or vouchers you want to buy to your basket. At checkout select ‘Pay by invoice’. Your enrolment will begin, or vouchers sent, within 2 working days of your payment being received.

  • Where do I go to take the course?

    All of our e-learning courses are hosted on Brook Learn, our dedicated online learning platform for professionals. Brook Learn has a range of free courses designed to support you in your work with young people and your delivery of RSE, covering core themes such as: Contraception, STIs, Pleasure, Consent, Puberty and Abortion.

    There are also courses on How to Deliver RSE, Child Sexual Exploitation and Harmful Sexual Behaviours.

  • Can I access the course any time?

    Yes – the courses are designed for you to complete in your own time and at your own pace.

    Once you have registered, you can access the course at any time on the Brook Learn site. You don’t need to complete the course in one go as your progress will be saved.

    You will need to log in to Brook Learn each time using your account details. You only need to register once to access all the courses on Brook Learn. Free courses will be automatically accessible and chargeable courses will become available once your payment has been processed.

    Please note: some courses, for example Traffic Light Tool, are subject to a limited enrolment period, please read the course page carefully for details and contact training@brook.org.uk if you have any questions.

  • Can I buy access to the course for someone else?

    Purchasing one of our courses will only allow the purchaser to access the course.

    If you are buying a course for someone else, go to the courses page and buy a voucher for the paid course. Put in the email address of the person you want to register for the course under ‘recipient’. They will then be sent a code to redeem and register themselves.

    If you want to purchase the course for a group of people, please contact training@brook.org.uk for other payment options.

  • I have another question, where can I get help?

    If your question is about using the Brook Learn platform, for example a course won’t load or you are having problems resetting your password, please contact the Brook Learn helpdesk.

    For enquiries about alternative payment methods, other training options and group training, please contact training@brook.org.uk.

    If you have a question about anything else, including course content or issues with card payment, please email website@brook.org.uk.

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