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Brook Burnley

Free, confidential sexual health services for young people aged 24 and under in Burnley.

Access contraception and emergency contraception, STI testing, counselling and more.

Brook Burnley operates a free and confidential service for young people aged 24 and under, offering sexual health screening, contraception, pregnancy testing, free condoms, advice and counselling.

An overview of services available at Brook Burnley can be found below. For more detailed information, please visit the individual location listings.

Quick access: help and information

Free and confidential services

Brook offers free and confidential sexual health services for young people living in Burnley.

Find out more about what Brook Burnley offers.

STI testing and treatment

At Brook Burnley we offer free STI testing and treatment for people aged 24 and under.

Also, if you are aged 16-24 and live in Lancashire (excluding Blackburn with Darwen), you can request a free chlamydia and gonorrhoea test kit to be send to you by post. It’s quick, easy and completely confidential.

Find out more about STI testing and treatment.

Emergency Contraception

Brook Burnley offers free emergency contraception to young people aged 24 and under living in Burnley. Emergency contraception can also be accessed at local pharmacies.

Find out more about how to access emergency contraception.

Get in touch

If you think you need an appointment, or want to talk to someone, you can call us on 01282 416596. Our friendly staff are here to help you with whatever is going on.

Service locations and information

Brook Burnley

Service for people aged 24 and under in Burnley

NHS and other services

View NHS and other services in Burnley

How can Brook Burnley help me?

At Brook Burnley, we’re here to help you with all aspects of your sexual health and wellbeing.

Whatever is going on, our friendly team will support you with whatever you need, even if you’re not sure exactly what that is yet. All of our services are free and confidential. We offer:

  • Contraception
  • Emergency contraception
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Screening for infections
  • Termination referrals (find out more about abortion)
  • Counselling

I’m over 24

We offer services for Burnley young people up to the age of 24, so, from your 25th birthday you will need to ring 01254 283888 for information about the Lancashire CaSH All Age Service or alternatively you can see your GP.

I live outside of Burnley

Please ring 0300 1234 154 for more info and for appointments at your local sexual health clinic in Lancashire.

Find out more about Lancashire Sexual Health Services.

More places to get help

For more help and advice on any subject (including other clinic opening times), you can contact the Interactive Services Freephone Helpline by calling 0800 511111 or texting 07786 511111. Their helpline is ppen 365 days a year from 10am to 10pm.

Free STI testing and treatment

Brook Burnley offers free sexual health screening for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV, and offers and treatment for young people aged 24 and under.

Also, if you are aged 16-24 years and live in Lancashire (excluding Blackburn with Darwen) you can access free postal chlamydia kits by visiting Lancashire Sexual Health Services.

Brook recommends testing two weeks after unprotected sex (sex without a condom) to ensure an accurate result.

These tests are for people who have no symptoms (are asymptomatic). If you have any symptoms, please contact Brook Burnley on 01282 416596 (24 and under) or the Lancashire Care Contraception and Sexual Health (CaSH) Services (all ages).

How does it work?

  • Postal kits are sent directly to the address that you provide and usually take 3-4 days to arrive. They will be sent in discreet packaging (with no branding or clues about what’s inside).
  • You can do the test at home. Testing is simple and non-invasive: either a urine test or a vaginal swab that you complete yourself. 
  • Once you have done your test, you can send it back in the freepost envelope provided.
  • The results are then sent to you confidentially via your chosen method of communication, usually around 2 weeks after you have returned the test. You will either receive a text message to say results are negative or a text message asking you to contact the clinic to discuss the results.

Please note:

The current testing kits supplied are only suitable for vaginal swabs or urine samples. If you have had unprotected anal or oral sex we recommend that you contact the clinic directly on 01282 416596 so that we can ensure you are provided with the appropriate testing.

What if I’m over 24?

If you live in Lancashire and are aged 25 or above, you can access free sexual health screening by calling Lancashire CaSH Services on 0300 1234 154.

View more options for accessing home testing kits.

Accessing treatment

Treatment for STIs can be accessed at Brook Burnley’s clinical service.

Treatment for Gonorrhoea and other STIs can be accessed from The Northern Contraception, Sexual Health and HIV Service – the team at Brook will help you to access this service if you are 19 or under.

If you are aged 25 or above, you can access STI testing along with other sexual health services at

Emergency contraception

Brook Burnley offers free emergency contraception to young people aged 24 and under. If you need emergency contraception please call Brook Burnley on 01282 416596 to arrange an appointment.

Emergency contraception can also be accessed accessed from St Peter’s Pharmacy (see map below). Please ring 01282 644528 to check that this free service is available.

Directions to St Peter’s Pharmacy

Walk down Bank Parade and turn left into the car park at the bottom follow the footpath around the building to the front door.

Visiting a clinic

Brook Burnley provides free and confidential sexual health services for people aged 24 and under.

View information about opening times and how to get in touch

COVID-19 update

Brook Burnley services are still running for young people aged 24 and under.

Under normal circumstances, we offer walk-in services. However, in order to keep our staff and visitors safe Brook Burnley is currently running appointment-only services, and are sometimes only able to offer telephone consultations.

Alternative Clinics

Brook’s partner LCFT also provides clinics for young people at Brook in Burnley outside of our opening times. Clinics run Monday mornings 9am-12pm and Wednesday evenings 6pm-8pm. For information about this service or to make an appointment please call 01772 401140.

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