Healthy lives for young people

DASH Lambeth

Free, confidential service for young people in Lambeth providing support around Drugs, Alcohol and Sexual health.

DASH Lambeth can help you with any questions, issues or concerns about drugs, alcohol or sexual health. 

The service is available for all young people in Lambeth under 21 (or 25 with SEND) and is completely confidential and free to access.

18/09/2020 – COVID-19 update

DASH Lambeth Services are still running for young people aged 21 and under (or 24 and under with SEND).

If you are over 21 and do not have SEND, you can find local services via the links below:
View adult sexual health services in Lambeth
View adult substance misuse support in Lambeth
Until further notice, we will be carrying out telephone consultations leading to face-to-face appointments only where required.

To book an appointment, please call our reception team on 07500 971857.
For any urgent enquiries please call:
– Valentina Castellana, Substance Use Team Leader:  07917460749
– Jack Kirby-Lowe, Service Manager: 07920465048 (sexual health)
For all other enquiries please email
Services within schools and other locations will be reinstated as soon as possible. Our teams will be contactable by telephone and email.
We will still be accepting referrals as usual, though there may be some delay on replies whilst our service is limited. Find out how to make a referral.

How can the services help me?

Sexual health

Our sexual health services can help with:

  • STI testing and treatment
  • Emergency contraception
  • Condoms, the pill and other contraception
  • Pregnancy testing and advice
  • Termination referrals
  • HIV testing and support
  • Wellbeing support
  • General information and advice about sexual health

Drugs and alcohol

Our drugs and alcohol services can help with:

  • Drugs and alcohol awareness
  • Harm minimisation interventions
  • Support around drugs and alcohol reduction
  • Support around drugs and alcohol cessation
  • Relapse preventive interventions
  • Wellbeing support
  • Expert-lead 1-2-1 and group support sessions
  • Advice and support in building up a healthier lifestyle

Feedback from service users

I felt comfortable to discuss any issues surrounding my health. I was provided with the help that I needed.

I am so grateful to have someone to call and get advice from no matter the situation I find myself in.

The nurse helping me was extremely kind and helpful and really helped me open up which I was originally scared to do.

Where are the services?

COVID-19 update

DASH Lambeth services are still running for young people aged 24 and under.

Under normal circumstances, we offer our services at the below venues. Whilst most of these are currently closed so as to keep our staff and visitors safe, DASH Lambeth is currently offering phone appointments during which referrals to a face-to-face service will be made if necessary.

Please email or call our reception team on 07500 971857 to arrange an appointment. There are no walk-in services available at any DASH Lambeth clinics until further notice.

There are six DASH Lambeth sites across the borough:

  • DASH Lambeth@Lillian Bayliss
  • DASH Lambeth@Evolve Housing
  • DASH Lambeth@Lambeth YOS
  • DASH Lambeth@Lambeth College (under 21s)
  • DASH Lambeth@Gracefield Gardens (under 21s)
  • DASH Lambeth@Park Campus

Helpful information about DASH

For young people

How do I access the services?

For support with substance use, please contact Valentina on 07917460749.

For support with sexual health, please call 07500971857.

Alternatively, you can email for either service.

Please note: the team generally work Mondays-Fridays but you can leave a message in the evenings and over weekends.

If you are over 21

DASH Lambeth is for for all young people in Lambeth under 21 (or 25 with SEND). If you are over 21 and do not have SEND, you can find local services via the links below:
View adult sexual health services in Lambeth
View adult substance misuse support in Lambeth

If you need emergency medical support, please call 999. Other sources of urgent help and support.

Are you a professional working with young people? Find out how to make a referral.

I’ve been referred to a DASH Lambeth service – what happens next?

You can expect to hear from a member of our team within 2-3 working days. They will discuss your situation with you and arrange ongoing support as required.

If it is necessary to meet face to face, our team may arrange this if it is safe to do so.

How confidential is “confidential”? Will you tell my parents or my school if I visit?

DASH Lambeth offers a confidential service. This means that we do not talk about your visit to anyone outside our team without your permission, unless you or another young person are in serious danger.

If you have any worries or questions about confidentiality, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Read more about privacy and confidentiality at Brook.

Where else can I access help and support in Lambeth?

If you are in need of support we cannot provide, we will work with you to refer you to another agency that can – for example, a level 3 sexual health service. We will always help you to find the support you need.

You can find details of national organisations who offer urgent help and support on our contact us page.

For professionals

How do I refer a young person to DASH Lambeth?

Please complete this online referral form. We aim to respond within 2-3 working days (Monday – Friday).

How can DASH Lambeth help the young people I work with?

DASH Lambeth provides confidential support for young people with issues or concerns about drugs, alcohol or sexual health, whether that involves answering simple questions, providing advice, contraception or ongoing support.

We employ a team of dedicated and experienced specialists who are passionate about providing a quality service to young people.

Are there restrictions on who I can refer?

We work with young people up to the age of 21 or up to 25 for those with special needs.

Young people should live, work or be educated in the London Borough of Lambeth.

What other services are available to help young people in Lambeth?

Where appropriate, we may refer young people onto other agencies for additional support, depending on their needs.

View a list of other services available to young people in Lambeth.

Do you have any resources I can use?

Yes! If your organisation, school, GP or youth club have access to young people in Lambeth, please feel free to use the following:

You can find lots of other free resources in the Brook resource library and on the CGL website.


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