Introduction to Safeguarding

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Course Overview
Brook’s introductory course will suit anyone looking for a thorough grounding in safeguarding both adults and/or children. No previous safeguarding experience or training necessary to undertake this comprehensive Introduction to Safeguarding course.

Brook’s entry level e-learning course makes an ideal part of your organisation’s induction programme or a refresher course for anyone working with children, young people and adults at risk of harm.

Key Topics

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an awareness of safeguarding for children and adults
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the three Rs – Recognise, Respond and Refer
  • Recognise the support available when making safeguarding decisions and how to access it
  • Outline individual responsibilities in relation to safeguarding
  • Summarise an overview of national safeguarding legislation, policies and structures
  • Describe key elements of your organisational/organisation’s Safeguarding Policy as well as where and how to access your policy and procedure documents
  • Feel more confident in exercising professional curiosity, identifying risk and responding to safeguarding concerns

CPD certified: Our training is equivalent to level 1.5 safeguarding.

Takes approximately one and a half hours to complete. Learn with a combination of video and module assessments at your own pace. Access to resources for two years.

Produced and narrated by our Safeguarding experts, we have drawn on our work in clinical settings across the country, as well as our expertise gained through working with schools and colleges and directly with young people.

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