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Teaching about misogyny, masculinity and stereotypes

What’s the situation?

The past year has seen a marked rise in popularity of influencers who promote hateful and often misogynistic views amongst young people. Andrew Tate is perhaps the most well-known of these, and professionals that work with young people may be finding his name cropping up in their interactions with young people.

But why do some boys/young men seem to be aligning with this messaging? And what can educators do to hold space for these conversations and address the harm of these views? 

Take a look at some of our resources to learn more about it…

How can Brook help?


Understanding Masculinity and Tackling Misogyny

This training prepares professionals to understand gender related pressures among young people, to know the nature and scale of online misogyny, and to identify and mitigate the push-pull factors that attract young people towards extreme online ideologies.

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Online Misogyny, Real World Impacts

This session, delivered by a Brook Education Specialist is aimed at Year 10 and 11. It raises awareness of the harmful impacts of online misogyny and encourages students to develop bystander skills to challenge gender-based abuse online.

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Understanding and Challenging Gender Stereotypes

Aimed at students in Year 9 and above, topics covered in this live lesson include:

  • Gender stereotypes
  • Real-world impacts of misogyny
  • Types of online gender-based abuse
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