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Volunteering with Brook offers you a chance to gain skills and knowledge as well as benefit young people and empower them to lead healthy lives.




We offer a number of different volunteer opportunities at Brook, most occur throughout the UK either within our local services, the central functions or virtually.

  • Volunteer: give your time and energy for the benefit of Brook
  • Participation: be actively involved in decision making, and affect quantifiable positive change in Brook
  • Work experience: where we can we try to accommodate people’s wishes to carry out their work experience with us.

Volunteers in 2016/17

We had over 150 people volunteer their time with us making a massive difference to what we could achieve, and the number of young people we could benefit.

We also made a difference to them with many:

  • gaining employment within sexual health
  • gaining confidence
  • simply being able to give something back to community. 

"Do it! The opportunities are endless and you'll have an amazing time volunteering, the staff are great and you'll be made to feel part of an amazing team" (Harry, Volunteer since September 2016)

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