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Find out about how young people can get involved and participate in Brook’s work, and in doing so gain knowledge, skills and experience. 

By choosing to get involved and participate in Brook’s work, you will be helping to make sure our work is the best it can be for people in your local area and across the UK, whilst playing a key role in your own development by increasing your knowledge and skills in lots of different ways.

We have made a commitment to working with young people for the years ahead and are proud to have signed the iwill #PowerOfYouth Charter

What do we mean by “participation”

Participation means giving people the opportunity to get involved in decisions that could affect them. Children and young people have this guaranteed to them through Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Right’s of the Child (UNCRC).

Find out more about participation at Brook.

What might I do?

Some examples of participation and how you could be involved are:

  • Helping to design and deliver campaigns to raise awareness about issues that young people think are important. This might be through online and face-to-face opportunities.
  • Organising, attending and representing Brook at events.
  • Creating, completing and promoting surveys to help us improve what we do.
  • Being involved in group discussions to help make our services better.
  • Providing feedback about our educational resources for young people and helping us to improve them.
  • Providing us with your thoughts about how new services should look, and getting us to think about what’s missing (clinical, education and digitally).
  • Sharing our digital content through social media channels.

What are the benefits?

Some examples of how getting involved with our participation work can benefit you are:

  • Specific training around sexual health, relationships, the digital world and wellbeing.
  • Good experience for your CV and job or higher education applications.
  • Additional skills training like public speaking, vlogging/blogging, writing content, supporting research, and event planning.
  • Opportunities to influence and have your voice heard.
  • The chance to attend fun events and network.
  • Rewards such as certificates, work experience, and sometimes vouchers.
  • A record of progress and updates about the difference your input has made to Brook.

I’m interested – what do I do next?

The first step is to get in touch! How you do that depends on how old you are at the moment:

I’m under 18

Ask your school or college, parent/carer or youth organisation to contact us on your behalf and we’ll get you to complete a form to tell us more about you and why you would like to get involved. Ask them to email us at:

I’m 18 or older

Email letting us know why you are interested in participating at Brook, and what area you are from.


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