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Outreach and educational services for Teesside

Brook Teesside has been commissioned to deliver outreach and educational services across Teesside for young people aged 13-25.

Find out about the programmes offered below, or get in touch to talk to a member of the Brook team.

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Outreach events for young people

Information and guidance sessions

We hold regular confidential Information and Guidance sessions across Teesside as part of an outreach and educational offer to schools, colleges, other educational providers, youth services/groups and in collaboration with other organisations.

Information and guidance sessions can provide the following services:

Young people can access information and guidance about a range of sexual health topics, issues and concerns

Young people can seek help identifying and accessing other services on a one to one basis and can be supported to make online appointments to the sexual health clinics.

Young people can receive support to access the services of other agencies and organisations or, with their consent, be referred to other agencies/services. This might include school nursing teams, safeguarding teams, students’ services/pastoral services at school/college etc, alcohol and substance misuse services, domestic violence services, social services, GP’s, sexual health clinics and pharmacies.

Our outreach condom distribution service enables young people 13-24 to access condoms, internal (female) condoms and lubricant at a variety of outlets. Fraser guidelines are adhered to for all young people under 16.

Teesside C-Card service

Chlamydia screening is available and will be offered to young people aged between 13 and 24 at a range of events and educational activities. Information and guidance will be offered to promote positive health messages.

Education and health promotion events

Health promotion and health/wellbeing events give young people introductory information and inspiration to find out more.

The focus is on communicating a specific health and wellbeing message to young people, such as information about HIV as part of World Aids Day and National HIV Testing Week.

These sessions can be delivered in schools, colleges, universities and community events and may form part of a roadshow or carousel learning opportunity.

Sessions for individual young people

A programme of one-to-one education work is now available for young people who need additional support in Teesside.

The work requested must be for education purposes only as this is not a counselling service. Professionals may refer young people to Brook if they meet one or more of the criteria set out below. Each young person referred into the service will be entitled to up to six sessions with an Education and Wellbeing specialist.


There are certain requirements for a young person to be referred to Brook for our programme of one-to-one education.

  • They need to be aged between 13 and 25
  • They need to live or go to school in Teesside

They also need to demonstrate at least one of the following:

  • An unhealthy attitude to relationships, sexual health and/or gender norms.
  • At risk of harm or danger related to sex and relationships (whether online or out in the community). 
  • At risk of engaging in unprotected sexual activity.
  • A need for support around sexuality awareness, gender awareness, identity, self-esteem and acceptance.
  • Living in a household where they are exposed to domestic violence, or are otherwise exposed to domestic violence.

Sessions for schools


Assemblies are available for years 9 – 11 and post-16 students and enable a specific message to be delivered to a large group of young people in a short space of time.

Subjects can include an Introduction to Services, LGBT+ Issues, Sexual Health and Healthy Relationships.

One-off education sessions

One-off education sessions provide the opportunity for young people to explore a topic in detail.

These one-hour sessions reinforce positive messages and create a safe space to allow young people to learn new information, share existing knowledge, practice skills, think critically and question assumptions and beliefs. These sessions may form part of an existing PSHE or RSE curriculum or part of a Group Tutorial programme.

Group education programmes

Our educational programmes enable groups of young people to grow and develop over time through following a flexible programme within a fixed timescale.

A 5-session programme of education and Information and Guidance is offered to local SEND colleges/groups. 2

Professionals Training

We also offer FREE professionals training in Teesside. See our Eventbrite page to find out our upcoming events or email joanne.henderson@brook.org.uk

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