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Dental dams

A dental dam is a soft plastic latex or polyurethane square (about 15cm in size), which is used to cover the female genital area or anus during oral sex. The dam acts as a barrier to help prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Some key facts are:

  • Some STIs can be transmitted through oral sex, and dental dams act as a barrier between the vulva and the mouth, and the anus and mouth 
  • Dental dams are squares of latex or polyurethane
  • They are available in different flavours
  • Dental dams can also be used with lubricants, however oil based products should not be used with latex dams as these will destroy the latex
  • Each dental dam should only be used once

How do dental dams work?

Dams act as a barrier during oral sex involving contact between the mouth and the vulva, or mouth and the anus.

The STIs most commonly passed on through oral sex are: gonorrhoea, genital herpes and syphilis. Infections which can still be transmitted through oral sex (although less frequently) are: chlamydia, HIV, hepatitis A, hepatitis B and hepatitis C, genital warts, and pubic lice.

Each dental dam should only be used once, and you should use a new dam for each sexual activity – for example you shouldn’t move a dam from the anus to the vulva as this can transmit bacteria and cause an infection.

Lubricant can also be used with dams. A small amount can be put on the side in contact with the vulva or anus. Be careful not to use oil-based lubricants with latex dental dams as these will rot the latex and prevent the dam from working. It is better to stick to water based lubricants.

How do I get dental dams?

You can get dental dams at:

You can also make your own dams from condoms, by rolling the condom out, cutting off the tip and the ring, and then along its length to create a rectangle.

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How do you use dental dams?

  • Ensure that the dam is in date and has a European CE mark
  • Wet the vulva or anal area with a water-based lubricant to ensure that the dam doesn’t slip off
  • Place the dam over the vulva or anus before any oral to genital or oral to anal contact.
  • Either the giver or receiver can hold the dam in place
  • Don’t turn the dam over. Make sure the side in contact with the genitals stays on that side.
  • Dams should only be used once. Use a new dam each time you have oral sex
  • Lubricant can be added to the side of the dam in contact with the vulva or anus for extra sensation
  • Use only water or silicon based products with latex dams - do not use oil-based products e.g. vaseline or baby oil with latex dams as they damage them very quickly. If you are using polyurethane dams (non-latex) you can use oil-based products
  • Wrap in tissue and dispose of it in a bin, not down the toilet, as this will block it

If anything goes wrong or you are worried you may need to be tested for STIs.

Page reviewed: September 2015
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