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Crisis pregnancy centres (CPCs)

Independent pregnancy counselling centres in the UK and abroad have been found to be giving misinformation and biased guidance to those with crisis pregnancies.

In February 2014 Brook's Education for Choice project published the first in-depth investigation into ‘crisis pregnancy centres’ (CPCs) in the UK. This report gained wide media interest and the findings were reported in the Telegraph, Times, Guardian and on Radio 4 Woman’s Hour.

Since the release of the report Care Confidential, the umbrella organisation overseeing the largest number of CPCs in the UK has cut ties with these centres (some of which were shown to be providing poor-quality services). The NHS has also removed a link to this organisation on its information page about abortion.

Brook continues to advocate for the improvement of pregnancy support services.

CPCs in the UK

Unlike Brook services or abortion providers such as BPAS, ‘crisis pregnancy centres’ are not regulated. Counselling is not a regulated industry so the information given by independent pregnancy counselling centres is not subject to government sanction.

CPCs are independently run as charities; some are formed by anti-abortion groups like LIFE or Image. Most CPCs in the UK have a history of being associated with anti-abortion organisations and some have been found to share promotional documents from anti-abortion organisations in the States.

To find out more about CPCs in the UK read our report.

This comic uses quotes from our research into CPCs.

CPCs outside of the UK

In 2006 the US House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform produced a report on 'False and misleading health information provided by federally funded pregnancy resource centers'.

The report finds that many crisis pregnancy centres in the United States that were receiving government funding were deliberately providing misinformation about the health risks of abortion.

Further research into CPCs in the United States has been carried out by an organisation called NARAL.

The Irish Family Planning Association published this report on the activities of independent pregnancy advice centres. 

If you have information on CPCs in other countries please do get in touch, email website@brook.org.uk.