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Brook consultancy

Brook consultancy is designed to support professionals who work with young people. 

Our approach helps teachers, healthcare staff, youth workers, police officers and other professionals approach relationships and sex education (RSE), safeguarding and the whole school approach with knowledge and confidence.

Why choose us?

Working closely with our clinical teams, we at Brook have a unique understanding of the challenges young people face as they navigate their sexual identity, complexity of relationships, wellbeing and sexual health. Our combined clinical and educational experience makes us the leader in sexual health and relationships education based on our daily interaction with young people in clinical and educational settings. 

We bring our 50+ years of direct and practical experience with young people and schools across the UK, along with current best practice recommendations on the whole school approach, to provide both the best education and support along with the best experience of life within the school community for young people.


For schools, colleges, local authorities, NHS teams, etc. who require further support, Brook provides workforce development and consultancy as part of a bespoke, needs-led package. 

Consultancy ranges from a single day to long-term, fully realised projects. Our team of experienced and qualified consultants comprises educational and RSE specialists, clinical experts, strategic leaders and curriculum experts. Each of our consultancy partnerships is designed with the client’s input and is shaped by agreed performance indicators linked to concrete results.

Prices start from £150 per hour

What to expect

We offer the following consultancy activities:

  • Policy and curriculum consultancy: ensuring that policies are fit for purpose and curriculums meet the minimum standards for mandatory RSE 
  • Co-designing lessons to fit within an individual school’s wider curriculum
  • Subject-specific development work with Heads of PHSE
  • Workforce development: team-teaching, observing and mentoring of PHSE teachers and non-subject specialists
  • Support with programme and project design and delivery.


“Working with Brook has been a really positive experience. Their knowledge and understanding about the issues and concerns facing young people today has been really useful in preparing our young people and their leaders for the experience of a lifetime. Brook’s willingness to embrace and incorporate the ethos of scouting and guiding has enhanced the quality of the training and resources for our members.”

– Sally Yeo (Scouts)


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