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Professional training

We offer a selection of courses designed to help schools prepare for mandatory RSE, as well as a range of full- and half-day courses on specific topics.

Mandatory RSE Training

Brook’s new training programmes have been carefully designed to support you with the successful implementation of mandatory relationships & sex education. 

We can help in the development of a robust RSE policy, the delivery of educational sessions as part of the new curriculum and in the preparation needed for engaging parents and carers. 

Wider Professional Training

Our training sessions offer guidance on a range of prominent topics that aim to support you to work with children and young people. 

Any of our courses can be adapted to fit the needs of your staff. Browse a selection of the most popular topics, or get in touch to discuss how Brook can help you. 

What to expect

Our professional training sessions:

  • Directly address young people’s needs around relationships and sex
  • Deepen knowledge on key subjects
  • Provide guidance on how to challenge discrimination around sexuality, race and disability
  • Help you to explore your own values, beliefs and religious, moral and ethical dilemmas

Who is it for?

Our training is suitable for:

  • Senior Leaders
  • Policy Leads
  • Governors
  • RSE Specialists
  • Non-RSE Specialists
  • Support Staff
  • Parents & Carers

Why choose us?

Brook has been working with young people for over 55 years. Our experienced, skilled staff can deliver off-the-shelf, in-house or bespoke training to a wide range of professionals, parents and carers, in locations across the UK.


“I have attended probably well over a hundred courses during my time in a school and now as a youth worker, and there’s always a sense of dread about being sat in a room listening to things you already know, which completely wasn’t the case yesterday. I learned new information in a completely relaxed and friendly setting, and I’ve come away with a wealth of information that will directly affect how I approach this topic with the young people in my sessions, and probably me personally!”

– James Dunn, Youth Worker, HIVE Youth Zone

“As part of a quality improvement project, I wanted to look at how we could better support our patients in terms of their sexual health, sexual expression and intimacy needs as they approach having unescorted leave and discharge. I came across Brook training on Eventbrite. I have now completed the CDS and Practical Tools for RSE training. I found both to have been taught by knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated trainers who were able to adapt the sessions for the audience … Sophie and all those that work for Brook are excellent at what they do and their genuine enthusiasm for their role shines through.”

Rachel Luby, John Howard Centre


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