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Child sexual exploitation (CSE) of boys and young men (BYM)

  • Full day training session for professionals
  • Prices start from £850

This course aims to develop the confidence of frontline health staff in raising awareness of the specific risks posed to boys and young men from Child Sexual Abuse/Exploitation (CSE).

A young man is highly unlikely to disclose to a professional that they are at risk of or experiencing CSE. Therefore exercising professional curiosity is critical to enabling a young person/man to get the right level of support. Throughout the day you will explore signs and indicators of harmful sexual behaviour and raises awareness of online risks, among others. Participants are also given the opportunity to identify issues relevant to their own working context.

Participants will be able to:

  • identify the forms of CSA/E and how these apply to BYM
  • recognise professional responses to CSA/E of BYM compared to girls
  • explore case studies of BYM at risk of CSA/E
  • recognise risk indicators in BYM
  • reflect on the societal conditioning of BYM
  • identify the barriers for BYM to disclose or engage in services
  • understand the impact of gender and sexual orientation in the grooming process
  • explore online grooming and the use of technology
  • address BYM victim / perpetrator myths and gender stereotypes
  • understand the context of gender in the 2003 Sexual Offences Act


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