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Sexuality and gender

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  • Half day or full day training session for professionals
  • Prices start from:
    • £800 for a full day
    • £475 for a half day

The aim of this session is to explore sexuality and gender and provide participants with more in-depth knowledge and skills around the topic.

Research shows that people are happier and more productive in an environment in which they feel they can be themselves without fear of harassment or abuse; although society as a whole is becoming more tolerant of the diversity of sexual orientations, homophobia is still ingrained in many institutions and communities. This continues to have an extremely negative effect on the lives of LGBT+ people and should be considered in any gender and sexuality education programme. 

Participants will be able to:

• discuss attitudes to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered young people
• discuss stereotypes, judgements and assumptions around sexuality
• describe LGBT+ issues affecting young people and identify ways of supporting the young people you work with around these issues
• gain knowledge and skills about the influences and pressures young people face as they develop and explore their emerging sexuality
• increase empathy and understanding of LGBTQ+ experiences
• engage with and deliver education to young people in an LGBT+ inclusive way
• explore practical ways of challenging homophobic, bi phobic, transphobic bullying.


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