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Brook Thurrock

Free, confidential sexual health services for everyone in Thurrock. Access contraception, STI testing, emergency contraception and more.

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How to access your new sexual health service in Thurrock

Welcome! From April 2024 Brook is the new sexual health service provider in Thurrock. We’re got lots to share with you, including our online platform, My Brook, where you can order STI tests, view your results and request contraception online.

For the first two weeks of April, while we’re busy getting everything set up, we will only be able to offer you an appointment if it’s an emergency but you can access online services via My Brook.

Please note: We do not offer walk-ins. Please do not turn up to clinic unless we have confirmed a face-to-face appointment with you.

How can we help?
I need an emergency appointment

If you need an urgent appointment for support with any of the following, please call us on 01375 800 260:

  • Emergency contraception 
  • PEP 
  • Support for under 16s 
  • Support following sexual assault 
  • Abdominal pain, genital pain, testicle pain  
  • Ulcers/sores

Our phonelines are open 10am-4pm Monday to Friday.

For anything else that isn’t urgent, find out how we can help.

What should I do if I’m running out of contraception?

If you have less than a week left of your contraception, please phone us on 01375 800 260. Our phonelines are open 10am-4pm Monday – Friday.

If you have more than a week left, the quickest and easiest way to get contraception is by requesting it online.

If you want to start or need repeat pills, patches or rings, you can request more via our online service, My Brook. We will review your request and, if safe to do so, post your contraception to you or make it available for quick collection. 

If we can’t post it, we’ll be in touch to let you know when we can offer an appointment. 

Request pills, patches or rings online

If you want to get a new or replace your current coil or implant you can fill out an online form through My Brook, we will then contact you to arrange an appointment.

Request a new or replacement coil or implant online
What if I want my coil or implant removed but not replaced?

If you want to remove your coil or implant, please complete the form below. We will then contact you to arrange an appointment for your coil or implant to be removed.

Request a coil or implant removal online
What if I need emergency contraception (the morning after pill?)

You can get FREE emergency hormonal contraception (the morning after pill) from Brook Thurrock. You can also go to Orsett Hospital. It’s usually open 10am-7:30pm every day but check their website for details of changes to hours.

You can also ring 111 and the NHS will tell you where you can go to get it for free or they can send a prescription to a local pharmacy.

What should I do if I am running out of PrEP?

If you need repeat PrEP and have less than two weeks left, please call the service on 01375 800 260. Our phonelines are open 10am-4pm Monday to Friday. Otherwise, please call the service in two weeks’ time. 

What if I need a repeat injection?

If you have more than a week until your injection is due, you can request an appointment via our online service, My Brook. 

Request contraception online

If your injection is due within the next week, please call the service on 01375 800 260. Our phonelines are open 10am -4pm Monday.

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how can we help?

Welcome to Brook Thurrock! We’re here for people in Thurrock of any age, including under 16s, so it doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are or who you love; our online support and our friendly staff will help you access the care and support you need.

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Request contraception, order an STI test and view your results

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What if I live outside Thurrock?

If you live outside Thurrock, you can access sexual health services from the links below:

Or you can use our find a service tool to find the nearest sexual health clinic to you.