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Category: Arts & Culture

The Toxic Legacy of the 00s and What We’ve Had to Unlearn About Sex 

Crossline Theatre (Kara Chamberlain & Natalia Knowlton) is a London-based female-led theatre company. Their latest play, Friday Night Love Poem, highlights the impact of the 00s misogyny and over-sexualisation of…

Classifications of sex on screen: how have attitudes changed?

In this blog BBFC Compliance and Education Manager, Sarah Peacock, explains how the BBFC’s approach to classifications of sex on screen has changed over the years. Sex on screen, and…

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How TV shows can be used to teach about sex and relationships

Brook Education and Wellbeing Specialist Francesca Fiennes gives some tips on how to use examples from film and TV to support education about sex and relationships. As Relationships and Sex…

Toby Hollins smiling at the camera.

Consent education: from the 1980s to Love Island

The theme of Sexual Health Week 2021 is Consent: Do You Get It? In this blog, we hear from Toby Hollins, a Brook Champion aged 20, about how RSE could benefit…

My Broken Vagina: Extract

My Broken Vagina by Fran Bushe is one woman’s funny, moving, and sometimes awkward quest to fix her sex life. But it’s also the story of millions of women everywhere…


It’s a Sin: My experience of working through the AIDS crisis

As part of National HIV Testing Week, Brook’s Assistant Director of Operations Jackie Redding discusses the hit Channel 4 show and reflects on her own work as an HIV counsellor…


Why young people on social media are a force for good

Brook’s Media and Communications Officer, Eliza Bell, writes about why young people on social media are a powerful driver for inspiration and change. Young people and social media are two…


Welcome to the Vagina Museum

With the Vagina Museum set to open its doors officially on 16 November, Development and Marketing Manager, Zoe Williams, tells us what the inspiration was behind the museum; the roadblocks they’ve faced along the way; and why a physical space dedicated to learning about vaginas and vulvas is a necessity.

a fountain pen lying on a notepad

A letter to my assaulter

Jess, 25, writes an open letter to the person who assaulted her at 15.