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Category: Policy

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Brook response to draft RSHE guidance

The Government has published the draft revised RSHE guidance. As an organisation dedicated to fighting for improved Relationships and Sex Education we are deeply concerned by the age-restrictions that will…

Three young people sat at a desk looking at handouts
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Young People’s RSE Poll 2024: Why we need high-quality RSE more than ever 

Sex Education Forum’s Young People’s RSE Poll 2024 shares insights from over 1000 16-17 year olds on what they really think about the Relationships and Sex Education they receive in…

A woman in a red top writes on a whiteboard "what makes a healthy relationship"
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Condoms, campaigns and classrooms: key battlegrounds in the fight against rising STIs  

Eliza Bell, Brook’s Senior Communications and Policy Coordinator, discusses the findings of the latest report produced by the Women and Equalities Committee and comments on what needs to be done…

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My queer s*x education was p*rn – young people deserve better 

Content creator and writer Max Hovey shares why a lack of inclusive education left him feeling isolated and ashamed. In this blog, he explains why it’s vital that Relationships and…

News headlines about abortion - "100 women and girls arrested for illegal abortion", "outrage at jail sentence for woman who took abortion pills later than the UK limit"

Abortion in the news – what you need to know 

Brook’s Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Lisa Hallgarten, answers key questions you might have around the abortion prosecutions happening in the news. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG)…

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‘young people are the experts’: listen to what we want from RSHE

A letter from young people to the Secretary of State for Education and Schools Minister about what young people want from the government’s RSHE guidance that is currently being developed….

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This guidance puts young people at greater risk

Brook’s response to the Government’s draft guidance for schools on gender questioning children. The Government’s draft guidance on gender questioning children displays a troubling lack of consideration for the needs…

Text reads "RSE reduces harm and sexual violence- data source- ofsted"

5 reasons why good RSE is not only important but essential 

In this blog, Rebecca Shutt, Brook’s Head of Education, talks about the evidence for Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) in schools and why we all need to support high-quality RSE. …

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Brook statement on abortion conviction

We deeply regret the conviction and imprisonment of a woman this week for illegal abortion. But how should society respond to a woman who has broken the law, lying to…

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Why are we still ‘defending’ RSE in 2023?

Lisa Hallgarten, Brook’s Head of Policy and Public Affairs, reminds us that the only people we should be listening to when it comes to RSE, are our young people.  Alongside…


BBC Panorama on Crisis Pregnancy Centres shows how little has changed

Lisa Hallgarten, Brook’s Head of Policy and Public Affairs reflects on the recent Panorama programme uncovering coercive practice at “crisis pregnancy centres” and how little has changed over the last…

Brook stands with medical experts to call for an end to the criminalisation of pregnant people

Brook has signed a letter to express our concern over two forthcoming prosecutions for illegal abortion. We do not believe it is in the public interest to prosecute a woman who has…