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Category: Sexual Health

Let’s work together to prevent hiv – straight people listen up!

For HIV Testing Week, writer and content creator Max Hovey explains how far we’ve come in the fight against HIV and why stigma is still one of the biggest barriers…

Alternating pattern of two sentences "In the know." and "In control"

World aids day in southend: take charge and get tested

Taking charge of your sexual health is a key part of overall wellbeing, yet myths and stigma can create barriers to seeking necessary care. In this blog, Rutendo Chitiga, a…

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Fighting contraception misinformation with Brook’s new tool 

In this blog, Brook Digital Team members Helen Anderson and Lara Steele talk about the development of Brook’s new Contraception Tool, endorsed by FSRH. They explain how the tool can…

Illustration of different types of contraception methods including condoms, injection, the implant and pill and a hand holding ellaOne

Making informed decisions about taking the morning after pill

For #SHW23, we’re Playing It Safe. In this guest blog, ellaOne®’s senior brand manager, Emma Marsh, highlights how education and access to emergency contraception can play a crucial role in…

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Why we should all practise aftercare

For #SHW23, we’re Playing It Safe. In this blog, sex and kink educator Calie Rain explains what aftercare is and why it’s important for all types of sex.  If you…


The Power of Online Forums: A Lifeline for Young People Seeking Sexual Health Advice 

For #SHW23, we’re Playing It Safe. Leshmi Geraghty is Head of Safeguarding at The Student Room, the UK’s largest online student community. In this blog she explores the importance of…

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Sexual assault and anxiety: How we can better support young people

A key priority at Brook this year is to explore, recognise and respond to the link between sexual health and mental health. In this blog, Hannah Murden, Brook’s Service Development…

Rutendo standing next to a street sign in Zimbabwe. The ground is dry and there are lots of trees.

From Zimbabwe to Southend: How my work in HIV prevention healed me

Rutendo Chitiga is a Health Promotion Coordinator at Brook, currently working on a HIV Prevention contract in Southend-on-Sea. In this blog, Ru explains why this work is so important to…


The results are in: Our Digital Front Door is a runaway success 

Matt Rigby, Head of Digital at Brook, shares some highlights from the first phase of our Digital Front Door project. The Digital Front Door is the online sexual health platform…


BBC Panorama on Crisis Pregnancy Centres shows how little has changed

Lisa Hallgarten, Brook’s Head of Policy and Public Affairs reflects on the recent Panorama programme uncovering coercive practice at “crisis pregnancy centres” and how little has changed over the last…


Developing Brook’s Risk of Pregnancy Calculator

Helen Anderson, Senior Digital Innovation Manager at Brook, talks about the process of how Brook went about designing and developing the Risk of Pregnancy Calculator. A core aim of Brook’s…


Is social media influencing young people’s contraception choices?

Eliza Bell, Brook’s Media and Communications Coordinator, discusses the potentially harmful effects of misinformation being shared on social media around hormonal contraception and how it can be combatted.    From…