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Category: Arts & Culture

computer coding
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Open-sourcing Brook’s AI journey

At Brook, we’re excited about the transformative potential of AI in the delivery of clinical services, as well as the provision of information and advice. In this blog, Laura Hamzic,…

Students picking up Sex Education merchandise and condoms from a Brook stall

Brook and Netflix’s Sex Education

Brook is a proud partner of Netflix’s Sex Education. In this blog, Isabel Inman, Assistant Director of Policy and Public Affairs, explains why Brook’s expertise and reputation, combined with Sex…

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Fighting contraception misinformation with Brook’s new tool 

In this blog, Brook Digital Team members Helen Anderson and Lara Steele talk about the development of Brook’s new Contraception Tool, endorsed by FSRH. They explain how the tool can…

Text reads "definition of sharenting: noun, the habitual use of social media to share news, images etc of one's children. word origin: blend of sharing and parenting

Sharenting: Is it safe to share photos of your child online?

For #SHW23, we’re Playing It Safe. In today’s digital age, sharing moments of our lives has become second nature. So when it feels like your children become your life, is…

Text reads "Sound it out, sound advice, sound as." with two men chatting int he backgrouns

The importance of finding safe spaces to talk about relationships 

For #SHW23, we’re Playing It Safe. Here, Johanna Robinson, Wales’ National Adviser on Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence, highlights the approach the Welsh Government took when developing…


The Power of Online Forums: A Lifeline for Young People Seeking Sexual Health Advice 

For #SHW23, we’re Playing It Safe. Leshmi Geraghty is Head of Safeguarding at The Student Room, the UK’s largest online student community. In this blog she explores the importance of…

Rachel smiling in her graduation gown

Why I wish I had better sex education growing up

For #SHW23 we’re Playing It Safe. In this blog, Brook Forum Member Rachel Jardine takes us through her experience of RSE at school and why she feels she missed out…

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The Fight for Inclusive Sex Education in the UK

This Pride Month Brook’s Resource Development Coordinator, Rebecca Cant, looks back at the history of sex education to see what the hard-won battles of the past can teach us in…

School assembly, can see the back of three boys facing the front of the hall
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Countering online misogyny in the classroom

Nick Dunne is Brook’s Head of Business Development. He has over 20 years of experience as a sexual health educator and trauma-informed counsellor, in particular with boys and young men. In this blog,…


Is social media influencing young people’s contraception choices?

Eliza Bell, Brook’s Media and Communications Coordinator, discusses the potentially harmful effects of misinformation being shared on social media around hormonal contraception and how it can be combatted.    From…


We need better Relationships and Sex Education in schools

Jenna Adams is a writer whose debut novel, Can I Stray, highlights the importance of comprehensive Relationships and Sex Education in schools. In this blog, she shares her experiences of…


Heartstopper made me feel more comfortable in myself as a trans teenager

15-year-old Dew shares why he thinks the Heartstopper books by Alice Oseman and recent Netflix adaptation are so powerful. He explains what difference it would have made to him and…