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Text reads "RSE reduces harm and sexual violence- data source- ofsted"

5 reasons why good RSE is not only important but essential 

In this blog, Rebecca Shutt, Brook’s Head of Education, talks about the evidence for Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) in schools and why we all need to support high-quality RSE. …

Our Bodies Can Bring Pleasure, No Matter How They Look

Max Hovey is a writer, influencer and mental health advocate. For World Mental Health Day 2023, Max tells us about his relationship with sex, body image and mental health, and…

Students picking up Sex Education merchandise and condoms from a Brook stall

Brook and Netflix’s Sex Education

Brook is a proud partner of Netflix’s Sex Education. In this blog, Isabel Inman, Assistant Director of Policy and Public Affairs, explains why Brook’s expertise and reputation, combined with Sex…

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Fighting contraception misinformation with Brook’s new tool 

In this blog, Brook Digital Team members Helen Anderson and Lara Steele talk about the development of Brook’s new Contraception Tool, endorsed by FSRH. They explain how the tool can…


Examining young people’s attitudes to condoms and contraception

Brook recently surveyed over 2,000 young people to get a better understanding of their attitudes, behaviours and choices surrounding the use of condoms and contraception. On World Contraception Day, Research…

Laptop on someone's lap open on an e-learning course with multiple choice questions

The Evolution of Brook Learn: How digital learning can boost charity engagement

For #SHW23, we’re Playing It Safe. In this blog, Kat Rose Baldwin, co-founder and Managing Director of Eggu, an award winning digital learning agency, tells the story of how Eggu…

It keeps young people safe – Let’s make it mandatory

For #SHW23, we’re Playing It Safe. In this blog, Pippa Campbell from the Make it Mandatory campaign discusses how the extension of Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) post-16 would better…

An easy-read illustration of a group of people sitting down chatting

Developing Brook’s new accessible image bank 

For #SHW23, we’re Playing It Safe. In this blog, sex-positive illustrator, Rachel Jardine, explains the process behind developing Brook’s new accessible image bank.  Over the last few months, I have…

Text reads "definition of sharenting: noun, the habitual use of social media to share news, images etc of one's children. word origin: blend of sharing and parenting

Sharenting: Is it safe to share photos of your child online?

For #SHW23, we’re Playing It Safe. In today’s digital age, sharing moments of our lives has become second nature. So when it feels like your children become your life, is…

Text reads "Sound it out, sound advice, sound as." with two men chatting int he backgrouns

The importance of finding safe spaces to talk about relationships 

For #SHW23, we’re Playing It Safe. Here, Johanna Robinson, Wales’ National Adviser on Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence, highlights the approach the Welsh Government took when developing…

A young couple - one carrying the other on their back smiling

How does teaching young people about pleasure keep them safe? 

For #SHW23, we’re Playing It Safe. In this blog, Brook Education and Wellbeing Specialist Alice Hoddinott explains how teaching young people about pleasure keeps them safe.   As conversations around…

Illustration of different types of contraception methods including condoms, injection, the implant and pill and a hand holding ellaOne

Making informed decisions about taking the morning after pill

For #SHW23, we’re Playing It Safe. In this guest blog, ellaOne®’s senior brand manager, Emma Marsh, highlights how education and access to emergency contraception can play a crucial role in…