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Two women sat facing each other talking in a professional environment

From the military to menopause: why we’ve got to talk about women’s health 

In this blog, Abby Ballard, Health Specialist on the Cornwall Menopause Project, explains what motivated her to start working in this space and why it’s so important to tackle stigma…

Photo of Max wearing a pearl necklace and no clothes and with eyeshadow on.
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My queer s*x education was p*rn – young people deserve better 

Content creator and writer Max Hovey shares why a lack of inclusive education left him feeling isolated and ashamed. In this blog, he explains why it’s vital that Relationships and…

5 people posing for a photo
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5 sobering stats about trans young people

In this blog, Carwyn Williams talks about the challenges many trans young people face and why we must do more to include and support them. We know that it’s challenging…

Let’s work together to prevent hiv – straight people listen up!

For HIV Testing Week, writer and content creator Max Hovey explains how far we’ve come in the fight against HIV and why stigma is still one of the biggest barriers…

News headlines about abortion - "100 women and girls arrested for illegal abortion", "outrage at jail sentence for woman who took abortion pills later than the UK limit"

Abortion in the news – what you need to know 

Brook’s Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Lisa Hallgarten, answers key questions you might have around the abortion prosecutions happening in the news. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG)…

Selfie of Toby resting his face on his hand.

“Puberty isn’t a one-time thing”, let’s change the narrative

As part of the Embracing Bodies campaign, Toby, a member of Brook’s Participation Advisory Group for 20-24 year-olds, reflects on why the way we talk about puberty is harmful for…

classroom of young people

‘young people are the experts’: listen to what we want from RSHE

A letter from young people to the Secretary of State for Education and Schools Minister about what young people want from the government’s RSHE guidance that is currently being developed….

brook logo

This guidance puts young people at greater risk

Brook’s response to the Government’s draft guidance for schools on gender questioning children. The Government’s draft guidance on gender questioning children displays a troubling lack of consideration for the needs…

Two young women sitting on some stairs chatting

My hopes for the future of Relationships and Sex Education

Brook believes Relationships and Sex Education should be informed by young people’s needs and experiences. In this blog, we hear from Ellie, a Changemaker at SafeLives, about what she thinks needs…

photo of a young person speaking enthusiastically in a Brook workshop

My RSE was too little, too late: let’s change this

Brook believes Relationships and Sex Education should be informed by young people’s needs and experiences. In this blog, we hear from Lybah, a Changemaker at SafeLives, about what she thinks…

Alternating pattern of two sentences "In the know." and "In control"

World aids day in southend: take charge and get tested

Taking charge of your sexual health is a key part of overall wellbeing, yet myths and stigma can create barriers to seeking necessary care. In this blog, Rutendo Chitiga, a…

Two young people writing on a whiteboard

Embracing our Participation Journey

For #iWill Week Brook’s Head of Participation, Kelly Harris, looks back on our journey to develop meaningful participation work at Brook.  To celebrate #iWill Week and the ‘We Embrace our…