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Outreach and Educational Services for Trafford

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Alongside existing clinical services in Greater Manchester, Brook has been commissioned by Trafford Council to provide a new all-age sexual health promotion and community HIV prevention service.

Our aim is to reduce sexual health inequalities in Trafford, particularly focusing on lowering HIV and STI prevalence and transmission rates, increasing access to PrEP, and lowering incidence of late HIV diagnosis.

This localised, tailored and free programme provides information, guidance and enhanced delivery of chlamydia, gonorrhoea and HIV testing, as well as training for community and health care professionals.

To find out more, please contact us.

Outreach sessions

Our experienced Health Promotion team will be offering outreach sessions at various venues across Trafford. These
outreach sessions will include providing free STI self-testing kits, information, guidance and referral to local services for follow up care and support. They will also provide support with understanding and accessing PrEP. Outreach sessions can be run at a variety of different sites including education settings, community groups or health services.

If you work in Trafford and would like to arrange outreach visits to your site, please contact Lucy at

Professionals Training

As part of the new Sexual Health project in Trafford, Brook is delivering free online training sessions for professionals who work in the area. These sessions aim to improve knowledge, skills and attitudes of key topics and concerns associated with HIV and other STIs. All sessions will be interactive, providing space for breakout sessions, facilitated group discussion and opportunities for questions.

The training is suitable for Trafford professionals working in a variety of sectors who engage with young people and adults aged 18+, particularly those working with clients who identify as Black and Minority Ethnicities, men who have sex with men, and transgender people.

If you have any questions or would like more information about this new service, please get in touch with us at

Free professional training sessions

Understanding HIV: Transmission, testing & treatment
1 April 2022
Sign up for Understanding HIV session

Stigma and Attitude: Changing the HIV landscape
25 April 2022
Sign up for Stigma and Attitude session

An Introduction to PrEP
25 May 2022
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Working with people living with HIV
21 June 2022
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There are also a number of paid training courses available for professionals working with young people in Trafford.


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