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Brook blog

The voice of young people’s sexual health and wellbeing.

Changing attitudes. Challenging prejudices. Championing equality.

We launched the Brook blog in September 2019 to shout louder about the sexual health and rights of young people.

It is a platform for Brook staff, sector colleagues and young activists to voice their thoughts on key topics impacting young people’s sexual and emotional wellbeing.

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Latest posts

The Toxic Legacy of the 00s and What We’ve Had to Unlearn About Sex 
Crossline Theatre (Kara Chamberlain & Natalia Knowlton) is a London-based female-led theatre company. Their latest play, Friday Night Love Poem, highlights the impact of the 00s misogyny and over-sexualisation of …
Tackling GBV and HIV: a joint approach
Raeena Hirve, Sexual and Reproductive Health Coordinator at Brook, discusses the links between Gender Based Violence and HIV and why work to prevent either must take both into account. [Content …
Classifications of sex on screen: how have attitudes changed?
In this blog BBFC Compliance and Education Manager, Sarah Peacock, explains how the BBFC’s approach to classifications of sex on screen has changed over the years. Sex on screen, and …
How TV shows can be used to teach about sex and relationships
Brook Education and Wellbeing Specialist Francesca Fiennes gives some tips on how to use examples from film and TV to support education about sex and relationships. As Relationships and Sex …
We need to understand how vital online spaces are for LGBT+ young people
Following the launch of Brook and Sussex University’s new report Digital Intimacies and LGBT+ Youth, 22 year-old RSHE educator Demi Whitnell reflects on their personal and professional experience of online spaces …
New research into the impact of online communities for LGBT+ young people
Following the launch of Brook and Sussex University’s new report Digital Intimacies and LGBT+ Youth, Brook’s Head of Policy and Public Affairs Lisa Hallgarten reflects on both the potential risks and …



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